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Picture of Christmas Luminous Music House Ornament

Christmas Luminous Music House Ornament

Add a festive touch to your Christmas decor with this glowing resin home decoration! This Christmas luminous music house ornament will be a good choice! The shape of the Christmas Village statue is based on past village life. The open Christmas village, warm lights and Christmas-themed music will create a wonderful, warm and joyful atmosphere for you. Whether placed on a table, shelf or used as part of a Christmas tree decoration, this resin home ornament will bring joy to your home. This is a great gift for your friends or family on Christmas, New Year or other special holidays. ● Without battery ● Plug-in use/ battery ● Size: 12*12*16cm ● Weight: 0.7kg
Picture of Realistic Creepy Vampire Latex Mask

Realistic Creepy Vampire Latex Mask

This is not just a chilling vampire mask, but also a one-way ticket to bizarre and eerie encounters! The eyes on this latex mask are big and round, making chameleons envious. Stare-off challenge, anyone? So, if you're looking to up your Halloween game or just want to turn an ordinary day into a sidesplitting affair, the realistic creepy vampire mask is your ultimate go-to. Get ready to suck away the seriousness from any room you enter. ● Material: Latex ● Dimension: 41x22x37cm ● Weight: 250g
Picture of Funny Hand Clapping Props

Funny Hand Clapping Props

Whether you’re looking for party favors for your kids’ birthday party, fun party supplies, or just cool treats to brighten up your husband, your wife, or your friends' day, these hand clappers are guaranteed to be a hit! Our funny hand clapping props has a unique design, shaped like a small hand prop and possessing a sausage-like mouth design. When the user presses its button, it instantly releases realistic clapping sounds at just the right volume and tempo, as if an enthusiastic audience is cheering for a great performance. No matter where you are, this clapping toy will applaud you at the right moment, letting your sense of humor and mischievousness come out. ● Made of environmentally friendly plastic (ABS) and silicone ● Multicolour available ●Size: 13*4*24cm ● Weight: 160g
Picture of Halloween Fence Sign Decoration

Halloween Fence Sign Decoration

Don't miss out on this spine-chilling opportunity to impress your guests and delight trick-or-treaters. A quick and easy way to dress up your front porch/entryway and get visitors into the Halloween spirit with this Halloween Decorations. These fence signs are perfect for decorating indoors and outdoors, you can use them to decorate Halloween parties, haunted houses, cemeteries and various horror theme parties. An ideal Halloween gift for your family Horror and friends! ● Material: Plywood ● Weight: 50g ● Dimension: 19*12cm
Picture of Funny Finger Puppet Set

Funny Finger Puppet Set

Unleash your imagination, one finger at a time! These funny finger puppets have realistic texture details, teeth, eyes, and appearance, bright colors can stimulate children's imaginative play, and also good props for parent-child interaction and storytelling. Animal finger puppet toys are very suitable for Kids to play games together, which can make children quickly make new friends and establish friendships, cultivate children's cheerful personality, and promote children's growth and brain development. Squirrel Finger Puppets are great for role-playing props, parent-child interactive toys, storytelling props, bath toys, party decorations, Halloween gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and classroom rewards. ● Material: Environmentally friendly soft glue (PVC enamel) ● Age: Suitable for ages three and up ● Include an animal head + four feet
Picture of Funny Nose, Prank Toy

Funny Nose, Prank Toy

Looking for a unique gift idea for your loved ones? Surprise your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even parents with our prank funny nose today and offer them a funny and relaxing way to reduce tension, improve concentration and strengthen their hand muscles! Whether you're dealing with stress or anxiety, or simply enjoy popping pimples, this toy is a great way to release tension and relax. The Pimple Pop Toy is also a fun and unique gift for friends and family who share your love for popping pimples. ● Material: Non-toxic TPE material ● Weight: 0.2kg ● Include Funny nose*1, 30ml additive solution*1, dropper*1
Picture of Funny Vegetable Stockings

Funny Vegetable Stockings

A cute spooky gift for any burger lover in life! The entire product is packaged using yellow tinfoil and a brightly colored original box that looks like an actual hamburger straight out of a restaurant. This quirky and amusing patterned sock box makes for fantastic gifts on occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or simply as a token of friendship. Not only will it elicit a "wow" reaction, but the recipient will also enjoy three extraordinary pairs of socks. ● Material: Cotton ● Weight: 0.6kg ● Include 3 pairs of socks