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Picture of Funny Hand Raising Kitten Toy Set

Funny Hand Raising Kitten Toy Set

Oops, oops, look at this kitten pen holder, it's practically synonymous with dancing! Don't believe me? Try using it with your stationery and feel the charm of that kitten, which seems to beckon you to create wonderful stories together. Fun and practical at the same time, this is our hand raising kitten toy! They can serve as thoughtful gifts for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, gatherings, and more, making them perfect for your children, friends, teachers, classmates, colleagues, and others. ● 1 Set includes 5 pcs ● Made of PVC resin material ● Size: 5.5*3.2cm ● Weight: 17.2g ● Packing: OPP packaging
Picture of Funny Gorilla Plush Toy

Funny Gorilla Plush Toy

This is a funny and innovative playmate that brings joy to both kids and adults! Interestingly, when you snatch the banana from the gorilla, it will cry incessantly like a baby. A soft plush gorilla is an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day that needs a pick-me-up. So, why gorilla stuffed toys around with ordinary toys when you can have the time of your life with the funny plush gorilla? Get ready to embark on a true banana adventure that will make everyone laugh! ● Skin-friendly plush fabric ● Height approximately 28cm ● Weight: 250g ● Without battery
Picture of 2 Pcs Funny Cabbage Bunny, Squishy Toy

2 Pcs Funny Cabbage Bunny, Squishy Toy

This funny squishy toy is made of soft-touch materials, offering an irresistible sensory experience suitable for children aged 3 and above as well as adults. With a gentle squeeze, you'll see this adorable little rabbit popping out from the cabbage. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up during a hectic day or seeking to add a dash of playful humor to your pranking arsenal, the funny cabbage rabbit is the perfect companion. Get yours today and get ready to squish, squeeze, and surprise your way to endless entertainment! ● Size: 6.3cm*5.6cm ● Age: 3 years old and above ● Weight:70g
Picture of Panda Stress Reliever Toy

Panda Stress Reliever Toy

Are you searching for a unique gag gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it a round, furry character that looks like it came out of a fairy tale? Imagine a surprise toy that makes your eyes "pop" with happiness when you're stressed or tired! When you gently squeeze the panda toy, you'll feel the soft material morph in your hand as if it's interacting with you. No matter how hard you squeeze, the two bouncy "bubble eyes" seem to bulge outward in a mischievous way, as if they might pop out of the panda's face at any moment. Simply enjoying this hilarious design, the funny panda stress relief toy will add a sense of ease and fun to everyday life. ● Made of 100% toxin-free & highly softy plastics ● A funny birthday present for wife, husband, father, mother, and child ● Age: 3 years old and above ● Size (L*W*H): 6*7*10 cm
Picture of Funny Ice Eye Mask

Funny Ice Eye Mask

Why settle for regular eye masks when you can have your very own sobbing frog eyes? Our sad frog eye mask comes complete with an adorably sad, yet comical, eye expression. Perfect for a good laugh and a tad bit of sympathy, even if you're the one wearing it! We have a unique eye mask equipped with a detachable ice pack that can be chilled in the refrigerator for cooling or warmed in warm water for heating, it's like having a personal spa for your eyes! Crafted from ultra-soft, breathable fabric, the Funny Ice Eye Mask pampers your delicate skin without causing any harm. Frog sleeping mask is so comfortable you might even forget you're wearing it - until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and can't help but giggle! ● Size: 21*7.5 cm ● Weight: 80g (Includes ice pack)
Picture of Funny Cluck Chicken Toy

Funny Cluck Chicken Toy

The Screaming Cluck Chicken Toy won't keep you waiting, just pinch it and the rubber chicken toy will let out a high-pitched oohing sound. Feeling depressed about life? Solve it in one pinch, and the joy will arrive in seconds! The expression on the screaming chicken toy is so funny! The mouth is wide open and the eyes are round. You can’t help laughing every time you see it. Perfect for gifting to your boyfriend, girlfriend, son, husband, wife, friends, or colleagues—these fantastic and hilarious prank gifts are guaranteed to have them bursting into laughter on their birthdays or special occasions. ● Size: 30 cm ● Weight: 84g ● Material: PVC
Picture of Egg Laying Chicken Toy

Egg Laying Chicken Toy

Need a little extra excitement in your life? Look no further! Our egg laying chicken toy is here to add a dash of whimsy to your day. you're waiting in line, stuck in traffic, or enduring a never-ending Zoom meeting. Suddenly, you remember your trusty keychain companion. With a satisfying squeeze, you can make this little chick lay an imaginary egg right in the palm of your hand. Crafted from soft, squishy rubber, this keychain is not only entertaining but also a delight to touch. Its supple texture ensures that your fingers will enjoy a mini massage session whenever you play with it. Plus, it fits perfectly in your pocket or hangs securely with your keys, making it the ideal on-the-go stress-reliever. ● Size: 9*3 cm ● Weight: 30g ● Material: soft plastic
Picture of Funny Ugly Style Chicken, Night Light

Funny Ugly Style Chicken, Night Light

This isn't your ordinary night light. This novelty chicken lamp's standout feature is its innovative design. When you enter the room, you'll be surprised to find a chicken on your table, and it's heralding a major event – yes, it's laying an egg. Of course, this isn't a real egg but rather the source of light in your room. Whether you're a poultry enthusiast or just someone who loves a good laugh, our Funny Ugly Style Chicken Night Light will have you cluckling with joy every time you turn it on. The chicken egg lamp is perfect for kids, adults, and anyone who enjoys a little farmyard humor in their lives. ● Material: Chicken laying egg lamp is made of resin ● Weight: 233g ● Dimension: 14*6*15.5 cm
Picture of Christmas Elk Ornament

Christmas Elk Ornament

Create a stunning display in your garden or house this Christmas with these gorgeous elk/reindeer decorations! This standing elk/reindeer decoration paired with warm white lighting brings out the true beauty of the Christmas festival! The iridescent Christmas decorations are perfect for indoor or outdoor Christmas, party decorations. You can place elk/reindeer in the living room near the Christmas tree or fireplace together with lighted gift boxes, on the porch or in the yard. Come and warm your Christmas season with the prismatic Christmas decorations! ● Material: PET ● Dimension: 70*30*90cm/ 90*40*110cm ● Weight: 4kg/ 7kg
Picture of 3 Pcs Funny Shark Squeeze Toy

3 Pcs Funny Shark Squeeze Toy

The funny shark squeeze toy is extremely soft, with just a simple squeeze, watch as this adorable shark unleashes its comical surprise – a leg pops out! No batteries are required – just good old-fashioned squeezing action to activate the leg-popping hilarity. This hilarious shark toy is perfect for all ages, from kids to adults who need a break from the daily grind. ● Recommended age: 6-year-old and up ● Size: 12*5cm ● Weight: 27g ● Before deciding whether to use, please pay attention to the physical condition of others.
Picture of Funny Prank Potato Chip Snake Toy

Funny Prank Potato Chip Snake Toy

Imitate the appearance of potato chip packaging, simulation of snake skin color, vivid and scary shape. When your friends or family members open this ordinary potato chip jar, the moment the fake snake pops out will bring their screams and bring you laugh. Non-disposable items, which can be reused. Built-in spring, scary but not hurt. When using it, slowly put the body of the snake back into the jar, and then close the lid tightly. The prank potato chips snake toy is suitable for April Fool's gifts, party props, used mostly at party to scare friends or families. Good ideal prank gifts for boyfriends, colleagues and family. ● Recommended age: 6-year-old and up ● Size: 7.5*21.5cm ● Weight: 130g ● Before deciding whether to use, please pay attention to the physical condition of others.
Picture of LED Glow Teddy Bear

LED Glow Teddy Bear

Looking for a unique gift? Our LED glow teddy bear is handcrafted from environmentally friendly LED materials and comes in a transparent gift box. Surprise your loved ones with a teddy bear that not only speaks volumes of love but also shines brightly to brighten their day – or night! Whether it's an anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, baby shower, or romantic proposal, this LED teddy bear night light is an ideal gift. ● Material: Symphony PVC+LED lamp ● Height: 40cm ● Lamp beads: 200 pcs ● Voltage: 12V ● Weight: 2kg
Picture of 10 Pcs Funny Bunny Carrot Car

10 Pcs Funny Bunny Carrot Car

The funny bunny carrot car is made from safe, high-quality, non-toxic plastic material, suitable for children aged three and above, as well as adults. The interactive design promotes storytelling and role-playing, making it an ideal companion for both individual and group play. Give the funny bunny pull-back car as a gift during holidays such as Easter parties, birthdays, or Children's Day, or as rewards or prizes, making children's festivities full of joy. ● Material: ABS ● Size: 7x3.5x3.5cm ● Weight: 110g
Picture of 6 Pcs Funny Rabbit Pull Back Car

6 Pcs Funny Rabbit Pull Back Car

This funny rabbit pull back car is made of materials suitable for children and is easy for little hands to grip, making it perfect for toddlers and preschool children. The pull-back mechanism is easy to use, promoting the development of motor skills and providing hours of continuous play for your child. This set of funny rabbit cars contains 6 different styles. The novelty bunny pull back car toy is a delightful choice that guarantees smiles and laughter. Give the gift of playtime joy to the children in your life! ● Material: ABS ● Size: 3.5x4cm ● Weight: 110g
$25.89 $11.99
Picture of Easter Inflatable Bunny, Outdoor LED Decoration

Easter Inflatable Bunny, Outdoor LED Decoration

This funny inflatable bunny isn't just cute during the day, it lights up the night with a soft, inviting glow. Whether you're hosting an Easter egg hunt or simply enjoying a relaxing evening in the garden, our LED decoration creates an enchanting atmosphere that will delight guests of all ages. Perfect for Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, or simply adding a festive touch to your yard, this inflatable bunny is easy to set up and packs away neatly for convenient storage. ● Socket type: USA, UK, Australia optional ● Weight: 45g ● Dimension: 15x17cm
Picture of White Bunny Head Mask

White Bunny Head Mask

The White Bunny Head Mask is a whimsical and charming accessory designed to add a touch of Easter magic to any occasion. Crafted from high-quality latex, this mask features the iconic bunny ears and a cute rabbit face, creating an enchanting and playful look. The size of it suitable for most people, which can be wore by head circumference 46-62cm. Whether you're channeling your inner Easter Bunny for holiday festivities or simply looking to bring joy to those around you, the White Bunny Head Mask is a versatile and light-hearted accessory. This mask is perfect for Easter egg hunts, themed parties, or just spreading smiles wherever you go. ● Head circumference: Can be worn by 46-62cm ● Material: Made of High Quality Latex ● Weight: 280g
$25.89 $18.99
Picture of Spider Scare Prank Box

Spider Scare Prank Box

Harmless pranks can properly relieve stress and make life more interesting. Tired of Ordinary Gifts? Be Creative in Your Gift! You can put small gifts in the spider box, and the original color wooden surface can also be doodled as you like to make a one-of-a-kind April Fool's gift. Handmade wood box with a "surprise" inside when you try to open it. Just hand the box to someone and they will naturally want to slide the top open to see what is inside. When they try to open it, the box will jump out a creepy wiggly rubber spider! ● Suitable for age of 14 and above ● Idea gifts for husband, friends and colleagues ● Weight: 100g
Picture of Funny Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

Funny Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

Not just a functional bathroom accessory, the novelty toilet paper holder is a statement piece that adds character and charm to your space. Our artisans pour their hearts into every stroke, ensuring that each holder is a unique work of art, handcrafted with unparalleled skill and creativity. Ideal for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages, this funny toilet tissue holder makes a perfect gift for friends or family who appreciate quirky, one-of-a-kind items. ● Resin Material ● Application: Bathroom, dining room, bedroom, sink, kitchen ● Weight: 940g
Picture of Funny Resin Candle Holder

Funny Resin Candle Holder

This candlestick holder is made of high-quality resin, sturdy, and fun. Whimsical rabbit/cat/dog-shaped candle holders, with their ears perked up, seem to eagerly await the flicker of the flame. Not only are the funny resin candle holders aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a practical purpose. They securely hold the candles in place, ensuring your lighting remains stable and your ambiance undisturbed. So, go ahead, light a candle, sit back, and let these quirky little animals illuminate your world in various ways. ● Resin Material ● Animal: Cat, bunny, dog ● Weight: 52g

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