Funny Gorilla Plush Toy

This is a funny and innovative playmate that brings joy to both kids and adults! Interestingly, when you snatch the banana from the gorilla, it will cry incessantly like a baby. A soft plush gorilla is an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day that needs a pick-me-up. So, why gorilla stuffed toys around with ordinary toys when you can have the time of your life with the funny plush gorilla? Get ready to embark on a true banana adventure that will make everyone laugh! ● Skin-friendly plush fabric ● Height approximately 28cm ● Weight: 250g ● Without battery
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Don't Touch My Banana


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Funny Time: The Mysterious Message

A man received a mysterious message in the mail. It said, "If you want to find the key to success, go to the old oak tree in the park at midnight."

Intrigued, the man decided to go. When he arrived at the tree at midnight, he found a small envelope hanging from a branch. He opened it and found a note that said, "Look up."

Confused, the man glanced up and saw another envelope stuck in the branches. He climbed up and opened it, revealing yet another note that said, "Look down."

He looked down and saw a third envelope on the ground. He picked it up and read, "Look behind you."

Nervously, he turned around and found a final envelope stuck to the tree. With trembling hands, he opened it and read, "Congratulations! You've found the key to success - perseverance and a sense of humor!"

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Sofia | 9/21/2023 6:34 AM
Great birthday gift
Bought my nephew a stuffed gorilla for his birthday and he loves it. The details are all great, from the soft, realistic fur to the expressive faces.