Funny French Fries Tray

Our funny french fries tray is designed in the shape of a giant foot, complete with realistic toes, so you can munch on your fries while admiring your quirky footwear. The roomy footbed is perfect for holding a generous serving of crispy fries. Your fries are nestled comfortably within the sole of this slipper! The five-toe grooves are specially designed to hold your favorite condiments like ketchup or mayonnaise. It's like a personal dipping station for each toe! Be the life of the party as you serve up fries in the most amusing way possible. Your friends won't be able to stop laughing and munching! ● Size: 7.6*13.3*3 cm ● Material: Ceramic
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Funny Time: 

I went to buy a drink alone, and there was a little boy behind me, and when it was my turn, the waiter informed me that the second cup was half price. So I turned to the little boy: "Children, this offer to you, only half the money Oh." "Oh", the boy smiled at me, and then reached out and pointed to a table by the door and said: "Uncle, that girl, see? My girlfriend."

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