Oversized Headphone Stereo

The oversized headphone stereo – the gadget that's here to add a generous splash of fun, mischief, and practicality to your life! This pint-sized powerhouse packs a punch with a battery capacity of 1200 mAh. That means you can groove to your favorite tunes for a staggering 12 hours straight! It's like having a party wherever you go, and the party doesn't stop until you say so. And did we mention it's as wireless as a magician's trick? With Bluetooth v5.0, you can stay connected up to 10 meters away from your precious Air Pord. So go ahead, be the DJ from the comfort of your couch or dance like no one's watching (because they can't hear your music from that far away). ● Size: 10*22 mm ● Battery capacity: 1200 mAh ● Endurance: About 12h ● Wireless connection: Bluetooth v5.0 ● Effective distance: 10m ● Speaker power: 5v (1-2A)
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Funny Time: The Toll of Mark's Bridge

Once upon a time in a small town, there was a bakery owned by two brothers, Bill and Bob. They were known for their friendly rivalry and always tried to outdo each other with their pastries.

One day, Bill came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to bake a giant cinnamon roll, so enormous that it would fill an entire table. He worked tirelessly, using all the dough he had, and created a cinnamon roll of epic proportions.

When Bob saw it, he was determined not to be outdone. He spent the whole night baking an even bigger cinnamon roll, so enormous it could barely fit through the bakery door.

The next morning, the townspeople gathered to see the giant cinnamon rolls. Bill unveiled his creation first, and the crowd was impressed. But just as they were admiring it, Bob wheeled out his colossal cinnamon roll.

The townspeople gasped in amazement. Bob's cinnamon roll was twice the size of Bill's, and the crowd cheered for Bob's victory.

As the brothers stood side by side, Bill turned to Bob and said, "Well, you win, Bob. But I have to ask, how did you manage to make it so big?"

Bob grinned and replied, "Easy, Bill. I just used your recipe and doubled it!"

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