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Picture of 6 Pcs Funny Easter Bunny Glasses

6 Pcs Funny Easter Bunny Glasses

Add some extra Easter cheer to your celebrations with our whimsical and delightful Easter bunny glasses! Perfect for adding a touch of fun and laughter to your festivities, these glasses are sure to bring smiles to faces of all ages. Whether you're hosting an egg hunt, brunch, or simply want to spread some joy, these delightful glasses will have everyone hopping with laughter and cheer. Get ready to capture the spirit of the season with these fun and festive accessories! ● Material: ABS Plastic ● Dimensions: 6.29 * 6.29 * 5.51 inches ● Weight: 30g
Picture of Funny Egg-Laying Hen

Funny Egg-Laying Hen

Looking for a unique and entertaining Easter surprise? Look no further than our Funny Egg-Laying Hen. It's the prank gift that keeps on giving, bringing smiles and laughter wherever it goes. This funny stuffed toy is the perfect addition to any Easter basket, whether you're shopping for kids or adults. Each hen comes with three colorful eggs, ready to be laid at the press of a button. But the fun doesn't stop there. With just a flick of the switch on its wing, this little hen springs to life, singing and dancing in delight. ● Function: singing, dancing, laying eggs ● Weight: 500g ● Height: 25 cm
Picture of Funny Hen Egg Basket

Funny Hen Egg Basket

The lifelike hen basket is made of resin material, adding a touch of whimsy to your countertop. With its spacious interior, it comfortably accommodates a dozen eggs, keeping your breakfast essentials stored safely and stylishly. Whether you're a passionate baker, breakfast enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys delicious yolks, this funny hen egg basket is a must-have in your culinary arsenal. ● Usage: Hold eggs, vegetables, fruits, candies ● Weight: 1.5kg ● Dimension: 20*25 cm
Picture of Funny Ugly Style Chicken, Night Light

Funny Ugly Style Chicken, Night Light

This isn't your ordinary night light. This novelty chicken lamp's standout feature is its innovative design. When you enter the room, you'll be surprised to find a chicken on your table, and it's heralding a major event – yes, it's laying an egg. Of course, this isn't a real egg but rather the source of light in your room. Whether you're a poultry enthusiast or just someone who loves a good laugh, our Funny Ugly Style Chicken Night Light will have you cluckling with joy every time you turn it on. The chicken egg lamp is perfect for kids, adults, and anyone who enjoys a little farmyard humor in their lives. ● Material: Chicken laying egg lamp is made of resin ● Weight: 233g ● Dimension: 14*6*15.5 cm
Picture of Antique Rock Face Tissue Box

Antique Rock Face Tissue Box

Hello, esteemed tissue picker! Now, I'd like to introduce you to a never-before-seen tissue picker that will make your daily tissue picking experience even more fun and hilarious - the antique rock Face tissue box! The exterior of this drawer box mimics the texture of stone as it were, blending perfectly into your home décor without ruining your style! The stone statue's human head shape is not only stunning but naive. It has an adorable pouting mouth as if to say, "Hey friend, need a tissue?" ● Size: 19.2*14.5*24.5 cm ● Weight: 1020g ● Material: Resinous
Picture of Easter Inflatable Bunny, Outdoor LED Decoration

Easter Inflatable Bunny, Outdoor LED Decoration

This funny inflatable bunny isn't just cute during the day, it lights up the night with a soft, inviting glow. Whether you're hosting an Easter egg hunt or simply enjoying a relaxing evening in the garden, our LED decoration creates an enchanting atmosphere that will delight guests of all ages. Perfect for Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, or simply adding a festive touch to your yard, this inflatable bunny is easy to set up and packs away neatly for convenient storage. ● Socket type: USA, UK, Australia optional ● Weight: 45g ● Dimension: 15x17cm
Picture of Funny Broken Egg, Prank Phone Holder

Funny Broken Egg, Prank Phone Holder

Tired of your phone slipping and sliding all over the place? Say goodbye to those egg-extremely frustrating moments with our "Broken Egg" Phone Holder! It's not just a phone holder – it's a conversation starter. Watch as your guests try to stifle their laughter while asking, "Is that a... broken egg?" You'll be the talk of the town, and your phone will finally have a cozy nest to call its own. Don't be deceived by its cracked exterior – this egg knows how to delicately cradle your phone! Place your phone within this phone stand, whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or having a video chat with friends, this cracked egg is all you need to spend quality time with your device! ● Material: real eggshell, resin ● Weight: 45g ● Dimension: 15x17cm
Picture of 10 Pcs DIY Wooden Easter Egg Ornament

10 Pcs DIY Wooden Easter Egg Ornament

This DIY easter craft is made of wood and is suitable for children to unleash their creativity. They can use colored pens to draw the colors they want on it, create their own Easter craft, and then hang it somewhere to decorate their Easter party. It's not just an ornament; it's a journey of self-expression and creativity for your child. Let the imagination soar as your little ones paint and decorate their own unique Easter eggs, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's a fun-filled activity during the holiday gatherings or a thoughtful gift for the little artists in your life, this DIY kit is a surefire way to make Easter even more special. ● You will receive 10 unfinished wooden pieces, 10 pieces of rope, and 12 colored pens. ● Perfect for Easter party decoration, Easter party gifts, and indoor Easter decoration. ● Weight: 500g
Picture of 10 Pcs Funny Bunny Carrot Car

10 Pcs Funny Bunny Carrot Car

The funny bunny carrot car is made from safe, high-quality, non-toxic plastic material, suitable for children aged three and above, as well as adults. The interactive design promotes storytelling and role-playing, making it an ideal companion for both individual and group play. Give the funny bunny pull-back car as a gift during holidays such as Easter parties, birthdays, or Children's Day, or as rewards or prizes, making children's festivities full of joy. ● Material: ABS ● Size: 7x3.5x3.5cm ● Weight: 110g
Picture of 6 Pcs Funny Rabbit Pull Back Car

6 Pcs Funny Rabbit Pull Back Car

This funny rabbit pull back car is made of materials suitable for children and is easy for little hands to grip, making it perfect for toddlers and preschool children. The pull-back mechanism is easy to use, promoting the development of motor skills and providing hours of continuous play for your child. This set of funny rabbit cars contains 6 different styles. The novelty bunny pull back car toy is a delightful choice that guarantees smiles and laughter. Give the gift of playtime joy to the children in your life! ● Material: ABS ● Size: 3.5x4cm ● Weight: 110g
$25.89 $11.99
Picture of 7 Pcs Funny Easter Egg Charms

7 Pcs Funny Easter Egg Charms

These charming little Easter eggs are a whimsical blend of colors, with a set of 7 different styles, each uniquely designed to add a touch of magic to your celebration. Share the joy with friends and family by gifting these charming Easter egg charms. They make for a thoughtful and unique present, adding a touch of whimsy to anyone's Easter celebration. ● Pendant Material: Acrylic ● Necklace length: 41-50cm ● Weight: 500g
Picture of Easter Bunny Wreath

Easter Bunny Wreath

The wreath is made from a large number of colorful flowers and handmade three-dimensional rabbits. We also added clusters of young leaves between the flowers to make the wreath more full and realistic. The garland is available with light strips, which make the garland more lively at night. Our garlands are handcrafted by our professionals using high-quality materials. The rabbit is made of high-quality foam and the leaves are made of soft plastic. No special cleaning or maintenance is required and the wreath will last a long time. This Easter Bunny Wreath is perfect for Easter home decoration. You can decorate it on your front door or any door, wall, fireplace or anywhere that needs an Easter touch. It will brighten up your home and bring a festive atmosphere to your family. ● Material: Polyester/ plastic ● Size: 40x10x40cm ● Weight: 270g
Picture of Funny Easter Egg Potted Plant

Funny Easter Egg Potted Plant

Delight in the abundance of Easter joy with our potted Easter egg plants. The pots and eggs are made of foam, while the branches are made of plastic, ensuring durability and a lifelike appearance. The Easter egg potted plants with simple color and fine craftsmanship, small and exquisite, easy to store, it will not take up any space. These artificial plants have bright colors and are an excellent addition to your party. They are an excellent addition to Easter home decorations, banquets, flower arrangements, and crafts. Also be great gifts for friends, family, and neighbors during the Easter holiday and other holidays. ● Material: Foam/ plastic ● Size: 7x7x26cm ● Weight: 20g
Picture of Funny Transparent Egg Toy

Funny Transparent Egg Toy

The transparent fake eggs are made of TPR rubber, which is safe and environmentally friendly and not easy to break. Single-yolk and double-yolk eggs are available. Our funny transparent egg toy is also an excellent stress reliever. Squeeze it, squish it, or simply watch it bounce back into shape – it's the ultimate stress-busting exercise for kids and adults alike! ● Material: TPR rubber ● Suitable for children and adults ● Weight: 100g
Picture of 2 Pcs Plush Gnomes with Bunny Ears

2 Pcs Plush Gnomes with Bunny Ears

These funny plush gnomes wearing iconic pointed hats adorned with cute bunny ears are the perfect gifts to express love and loyalty. Install some batteries and watch these novelty plush friends illuminate your room with an enchanting glow. It's like having a night light, but with more glamour! So, whether you're celebrating Easter, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, or simply spreading joy, these enchanting gnomes are here to make every moment magical. ● Without battery ● Size: 30*15*10cm ● Weight: 160g
Picture of White Bunny Head Mask

White Bunny Head Mask

The White Bunny Head Mask is a whimsical and charming accessory designed to add a touch of Easter magic to any occasion. Crafted from high-quality latex, this mask features the iconic bunny ears and a cute rabbit face, creating an enchanting and playful look. The size of it suitable for most people, which can be wore by head circumference 46-62cm. Whether you're channeling your inner Easter Bunny for holiday festivities or simply looking to bring joy to those around you, the White Bunny Head Mask is a versatile and light-hearted accessory. This mask is perfect for Easter egg hunts, themed parties, or just spreading smiles wherever you go. ● Head circumference: Can be worn by 46-62cm ● Material: Made of High Quality Latex ● Weight: 280g
$25.89 $18.99
Picture of 2 Pcs Funny Cabbage Bunny, Squishy Toy

2 Pcs Funny Cabbage Bunny, Squishy Toy

This funny squishy toy is made of soft-touch materials, offering an irresistible sensory experience suitable for children aged 3 and above as well as adults. With a gentle squeeze, you'll see this adorable little rabbit popping out from the cabbage. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up during a hectic day or seeking to add a dash of playful humor to your pranking arsenal, the funny cabbage rabbit is the perfect companion. Get yours today and get ready to squish, squeeze, and surprise your way to endless entertainment! ● Size: 6.3cm*5.6cm ● Age: 3 years old and above ● Weight:70g
Picture of 10 Pcs Transformer Dinosaur Egg Toy

10 Pcs Transformer Dinosaur Egg Toy

Dual-Form Dinosaur Toys! These remarkable playthings seamlessly fuse dinosaurs and eggs into one captivating package. Featuring Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Oxhorn varieties, each is capable of transforming into a variety of action figures inspired by Transformers. The transformed dinosaur egg robot is made from plastic, ensuring health and environmental friendliness while also preventing accidental injuries to infants and toddlers. This transforming dinosaur egg is the perfect toy for boys and girls aged 7-14 and above, making it an ideal gift choice for various occasions such as Easter, birthdays, and other holidays. ● Color: Multicolor ● Material: Plastic ● Weight: 14g / each ● Suitable Age: 7 - 14 Years
Picture of 20 Pcs Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos Stickers

20 Pcs Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Get 20 Pcs exclusive glow in the dark tattoo stickers designed by Funny, featuring a variety of popular elements for kids with no repeated patterns. Ideal for festivals, parties or as gifts, these stickers will give your kids and guests a delightful surprise! Funny superior printing quality guarantees rich, clear, waterproof, and durable patterns. Importantly, they are non-toxic and safe for children, and hypoallergenic for kids' skin. These tattoos can last 3-5 days, depending on where you apply them. ● Material: Paper ● Weight: 18g / Set ● Suitable Age: Under 14 ● Dimension: 6.8 * 12 cm

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