Funny Electric Santa Hat

Get ready to jingle with the unique naughty Santa hat around! When you flip the switch, Santa's legs will swing like a dance, the head circumference of this Santa leg hat is adjustable in size and can be worn by both adults and children. This electric Santa hat is perfect for office parties, family gatherings, or just spreading some festive cheer wherever you go. Your friends and family won't be able to resist a chuckle when they see you sporting this wacky dancing Santa hat. ● Adjustable size, suitable for both adults and children ● Weight: 300g ● Height: 30cm
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Electric santa hat Funny electric santa hat

Funny Time: The Santa Hat Mix-Up

Once upon a time at the North Pole, Santa Claus was getting ready for his big night of gift-giving. He reached for his favorite red Santa hat, but to his surprise, it had mysteriously disappeared. In its place, he found a green elf hat. Perplexed, Santa decided to wear the elf hat and deliver gifts that night. As he went from house to house, children exclaimed, "Look, it's Elf Santa!" The parents were baffled, and the kids were thrilled, thinking Santa had gone green.

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