Funny Cluck Chicken Toy

The Screaming Chicken won't keep you waiting, just pinch it and it will let out a high-pitched oohing sound. Feeling depressed about life? Solve it in one pinch, and the joy will arrive in seconds! The expression on the Screaming Chicken is so funny! The mouth is wide open and the eyes are round. You can’t help laughing every time you see it. It is simply your perfect companion for daily happiness! Want to add some element of surprise to the party? The funny cluck chicken toy is the perfect choice! Let it be the soul of the party, with a pinch and a cluck, the whole room will be laughing! ● Size: 30 cm ● Weight: 84g ● Material: PVC
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De stressing screaming chicken De-stressing screaming chicken detail De-stressing screaming chicken joints De-stressing screaming chicken parts


Funny Time: 

A few days ago it rained. I got off the bus and suddenly saw an acquaintance at the station who said. Yoho, you grow more and more handsome, is my happy occasion, suddenly a bus and a big puddle in front of us a perfect encounter, and then, my whole side is all wet, I looked at him, he looked at me with very grudging eyes, the whole front is wet. He said:Never say anything against your will again, you'll be damned!

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