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Picture of Funny Christmas Wine Bottle Sleeves

Funny Christmas Wine Bottle Sleeves

Have you ever wondered if those Christmas wine bottles need warm clothes on a cold winter night? What kind of magic will they be wrapped in wine bottle covers made by elves? Let me tell you what the story behind our funny wine bottle sleeves is all about! The knitted wine bottle sleeve decoration for Christmas is like a magician who ushers in the holiday season and puts a magical coat on an ordinary wine bottle. The crochet Christmas wine bottle covers clothes that seem like an icy elf from the North Pole, dancing lightly around the wine bottle and adding a touch of warmth to the cold winter days. ● Made of skin-friendly fabric ● Available in your choice of colors and styles ● Product Size: 28*10*2cm ● Weight: 30g
Picture of Funny Motorcycle Helmet Decoration

Funny Motorcycle Helmet Decoration

Want to create a different atmosphere at Christmas? You can give this funny helmet cover Santa to your friends, and wear these helmets with your friends during group rides during Christmas, creating a warm Christmas atmosphere for you. The extremely high elasticity allows the Christmas helmet cover to almost fit the helmet. The funny and cute design motorcycle helmet decoration makes everyone laugh, adults like it, and kids like it. This funny helmet cover will increase riding fun and exposure of your ride. ● The extremely high elasticity allows the helmet cover to almost fit the all helmet. ● Recommended for ages 6 and above. ● Weight: 216g
Picture of Funny Playing Christmas Tree

Funny Playing Christmas Tree

Funny playing Christmas tree not only looks beautiful but also sings and dances. At the stroke of midnight, the dancing Christmas tree transforms into the hippest holiday dancer around. It grooves, it shimmies, it wiggles – it's like Santa's workshop turned into a discotheque. But perhaps the best part of all is its ability to interact with your guests. Get ready for a surprise serenade as it zaps into life just as your friends start telling their most embarrassing stories. This dancing plush Christmas tree is like it has a sixth sense for comedic timing, turning every awkward silence into a merry melody. ● Made of skin-friendly plush material ● Without battery ● Height: 40cm ● Weight: 700g
Picture of Christmas Gnome Fantasy Calendar

Christmas Gnome Fantasy Calendar

Have you ever come across a special calendar, it is a hat on which you can hang the date record gnome. Every day you can't help but want to count down, is the day of Christmas getting closer and closer? What is the magical gadget of the Christmas gnome countdown calendar, and how does it help us keep track of how far we are from Christmas? This unique Christmas calendar will be revealed to you one by one in these 25 days! Our gnome Christmas decoration is like a fantastic magical cottage that holds the essence of winter fantasy. Each day, you can see the day's date in its hat, making you feel as if you are gradually getting ready for Christmas in a countdown. The gnome Christmas countdown calendar is not only a timekeeper, but also a creative and emotional winter decoration. ● Made of skin-friendly fabric ● Size (L*W): 74*20cm/29*7.87 inch ● Weight: 700g
Picture of Elaborate Victorian Style Banners

Elaborate Victorian Style Banners

Have you ever wondered what marvelous things would happen if Victorian elegance and Christmas spirit met? Right here, we have fascinating Victorian Christmas banners that seem to travel back in time, blending the prosperity of the past with the warmth of the modern day. Victorian style Christmas banners seem like a doorway to a Victorian winter wonderland, painted with detailed floral and snowflake motifs that look like they're floating down an old postcard. Our banners often feature ornate embellishments and delicate details that intertwine the joy of the holidays with elegance. So let's revel in this Victorian Christmas banner and let our imaginations flicker with the candlelight as we travel through the mists of time and intertwine with the warmth of the past as we celebrate this special season together. ● Made of paper ● Size(L*W): 19.5*14cm/ 7.67*5.51in ● Quantity: 14 pieces ● Packing: OPP bag
Picture of Electric Rotating Santa Toy

Electric Rotating Santa Toy

Have you ever seen an electric Santa toy that rotates on its own? Does it look like Santa suddenly decided to practice dancing? How does this toy dance and spin around without falling over? Let me tell you, our electric rotating Santa toy is nothing short of a star on stage! Whenever you start it up, electric rotating Santa looks like he's doing a merry dance under a brilliant patch of aurora borealis. His red robe flaps like a snowflake fluttering in the cold wind, while his beard looks like a ball of cotton candy, gently drifting down to leave a trail of joy on the snow. It seems to bring the joyous atmosphere of the North Pole into your home, immersing everyone in the joy of the holiday season! ● Made of 100% toxin-free & highly durable plastics ● Without battery ● Size (L*W): 26*23cm ● Craftsmanship: Semi-handmade and semi-mechanical
Picture of Funny Christmas Decoration Stocking

Funny Christmas Decoration Stocking

Is a funny Christmas decoration stocking like a magic sock? Imagine the Christmas tree decoration stocking like a part of winter fantasy with an atmosphere of joy, warmth, and anticipation. Our Christmas decoration stockings are like an adventure through a fairytale world that will make you feel the magic of Christmas. A decoration stocking is more than just an object, it is a symbol of emotion. On Christmas Eve, families would gleefully hang the funny decoration stocking by the fireplace in anticipation of Santa's arrival. Everyone puts their own wishes in the stock as if all their wishes will come true on this magical night. ● Made of skin-friendly fabric ● Size (L*H): 28*45cm ● Weight: 80g
Picture of Funny Christmas Drawstring Bag

Funny Christmas Drawstring Bag

Who said that only Santa Claus can deliver surprises? Who says gifts have to be wrapped in ordinary packaging? This magical Christmas drawstring bag is simply the best combination of gift and surprise! How does it transform into the Christmas magician in your heart with a simple pull and release? Imagine putting your gifts into the bag and pulling the string gently, as if creating a little world of gifts. And then a loose rope, Christmas surprise instant outbreak, as if you personally light up the beloved's holiday. Whether you want to give friends, family, or loved ones a creative surprise, this Christmas drawstring bag is definitely your first choice! Made of skin-friendly polyester fabric Size (L*W): 34*27cm Style: Modern
Picture of Funny Whirling Christmas Deer Toy

Funny Whirling Christmas Deer Toy

Do you imagine that there isn't a magical toy that jumps up and down in your room at Christmas time? It's dressed in gorgeous decorations as it came out of a fairy tale. Our whirling Christmas deer toy is like a magical winter carnival that brings the joy of the holiday season into the body of an enchanting deer. When you activate this magical deer toy, it will slowly and gracefully spin as if it were dancing in a cloud of fluttering snowflakes. On the body of the deer, it is also adorned with colorful Christmas lights, each of which shines with a warm glow, lighting up the whole toy and your heart. ● Different sizes available ● Size (L*W*H): 30*11*12 cm ● Weight: 305g
Picture of Snowfall Umbrella Santa Ornament

Snowfall Umbrella Santa Ornament

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus can gracefully fall from the sky without irritating the air currents? Yes, the snowfall umbrella santa ornament is a marvelous device like an aerial ballet! How does it arc beautifully through the air and land gently on your Christmas tree? This ornament seems to be a shining shooting star on a cold winter night, carrying the mysterious descent of gifts. Imagine how awestruck your friends will be when they see this parachute Santa! It is the highlight of your home's decoration and a symbol of endless joy, making your holiday season full of endless surprises and joy. ● Made of resin iron ● Packing: PP bags individually wrapped ● Style: American
Picture of 2 Pcs Christmas Party Prop Hats

2 Pcs Christmas Party Prop Hats

Get ready to jingle all the way with our Christmas party hat! This festive accessory is the ultimate head-turner at any holiday gathering. The Christmas party hat is like a wearable confetti cannon, spreading joy with every step. This Christmas hat makes for the perfect gift for dad, mom, and kids, allowing everyone to fully relish the joy of the holiday season. ● 2 PCS include a green and a gold hat ● Christmas gag gifts for adults and children ● Weight: 0.7kg ● Dimension: 37x45cm
Picture of Castle Christmas Countdown Calendar

Castle Christmas Countdown Calendar

Step into the enchanting world of Santa's castle calendar! As you explore this festive fortress of fun, you'll build anticipation for the big day with a dash of holiday spirit sprinkled in. Unwrap the magic of Christmas one day at a time, as you journey through this 25-day extravaganza of festive surprises. Whether you're a child at heart or looking for a unique gift, Santa's castle calendar is the key to making your December a daily dose of cheer, enchantment, and the joy that only the holidays can bring. Selecting secret Santa funny gifts for your husband, wife, friends, and coworkers adds a delightful touch to the holiday season. ● Material: Wood ● Weight: 250g ● Package Dimension: 22x22x3cm
Picture of Chocolate Advent Calendar, Christmas Tree

Chocolate Advent Calendar, Christmas Tree

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season one day at a time with our delightful chocolate advent calendar. This beautifully designed 25-day Christmas calendar has 25 numbered windows, each of which can be filled with a different flavor of chocolate. Share the joy with family and friends or keep the secret indulgence all to yourself as you savor the flavors of the season. ● Material: Wood ● Christmas tree, Elk chocolate calendar optional (without chocolate) ● Dimension: 37x33x0.7cm ● Weight: 240g
Picture of Christmas Bell Ornaments

Christmas Bell Ornaments

Add a touch of festive elegance to your holiday decor with our exquisite bow Christmas bells Decoration. Hang them on your Christmas tree, wreaths, or garlands to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These Christmas bell ornaments will surely become the highlight of your holiday display, spreading joy and cheer throughout your home. ● Dimension: 16x9cm ● Weight: Golden 30g, Red 20g
Picture of Christmas Calendar Book for Boy

Christmas Calendar Book for Boy

Christmas calendars have become a cherished tradition during the holiday season, and for a young boy, the excitement of counting down 24 days before Christmas can be truly magical. This Christmas countdown calendar is not only a daily surprise but also an opportunity for your young one to develop their fine motor skills and imagination. Our Christmas calendar gifts include dinosaur toys, car toys, and quirky Christmas blind boxes, which are ideal Christmas gifts for children! ● A perfect Christmas present for kids aged 3 and up! ● Weight: 1kg ● Dimension: 32x25x7.4cm
Picture of Christmas Curtain Decoration

Christmas Curtain Decoration

Hang these curtain decorations with glee, and watch as your home is enveloped in the spirit of the season. With these cheerful companions, you're in for a sleighful of laughter and joy this holiday season! Get ready to add a touch of holiday magic to your home with our Christmas curtain decorations! Santa Claus himself would be envious of our snowman & elk curtain decorations! ● Material: Fabric ● Weight: 100g ● Package Dimension: 34x27cm
Picture of Christmas Elk Ornament

Christmas Elk Ornament

Create a stunning display in your garden or house this Christmas with these gorgeous elk/reindeer decorations! This standing elk/reindeer decoration paired with warm white lighting brings out the true beauty of the Christmas festival! The iridescent Christmas decorations are perfect for indoor or outdoor Christmas, party decorations. You can place elk/reindeer in the living room near the Christmas tree or fireplace together with lighted gift boxes, on the porch or in the yard. Come and warm your Christmas season with the prismatic Christmas decorations! ● Material: PET ● Dimension: 70*30*90cm/ 90*40*110cm ● Weight: 4kg/ 7kg
Picture of Christmas Gift for Girl, Event Calendar

Christmas Gift for Girl, Event Calendar

Want your baby girl to be full of expectations every day in the 24 days before Christmas? Then this Christmas countdown blind box will be your best choice! There are four styles of blind boxes including calendar princess that you can choose from, which will meet the needs of most girls. This advent calendar is a funny way for girls to count down the days leading up to Christmas, ensuring that your children have 24 days of surprises to remember, sparking curiosity in your little ones for surprises. 24 days of Christmas cheer, a unique way for your children to count down the whole of the Advent season until Christmas. ● Surprising Gift Idea: Ideal Christmas gifts for girls, teen girls, daughter, granddaughter ● Weight: 1kg ● Dimension: 21.5*5*23.2cm
Picture of Christmas Tree, LED Light

Christmas Tree, LED Light

The LED solar Christmas tree is designed for hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for cumbersome power cords or outlets. Simply place it in a sunny spot, and watch as it comes to life with radiant light after dusk. This eco-friendly and energy-efficient tree is adorned with vibrant LED lights that sparkle like stars in the night sky, creating a magical ambiance for your holiday celebrations. Place LED Christmas tree on your porch, patio, or garden to create a captivating focal point, or bring the holiday magic indoors by placing it in your living room or entryway. ● This Christmas tree is an assembled style, expansion height of 50cm, a bottom round size of 20cm ● Package size: 21*20*4.5cm ● Weight: 280g
Picture of Funny Christmas Dress Up, Santa Beard and Wig Set

Funny Christmas Dress Up, Santa Beard and Wig Set

Want to surprise your friends or children at Christmas? This white beard and wig set will be your first choice! This soft and non-toxic white beard costume can help you to be the "Santa Claus", surprise and please your family. The Christmas-style design adds fun to the holiday season. This is a great hilarious gift option for Christmas during this most unusual time! Your friends and family will be "Father Christmas" with you together. ● Secret Santa funny gifts for wife, husband, friend, dad ● Weight: 280g ● Dimension: 26*14 *2cm

Whether you're looking for something to put under the tree or to put in your Christmas stocking, has a novelty of Christmas gift ideas for you. Whether you're shopping for a White Elephant gift exchange, a dirty Santa gift, a Secret Santa party, or just want to inject some laughter into your family gathering, our Christmas gag gifts are a great choice for spreading holiday cheer.

Before Christmas begins, spread the holiday cheer throughout your home with a hilarious dose of funny Christmas decorations. From Christmas charms to countdown calendars, you'll find tons of great holiday decorating ideas at to make your home cozy and Santa-ready.

We have weird Christmas gifts suitable for all ages, whether it's a Santa beard and wig set for your husband, a wine bottle sleeves for your wife, or a 24-day/25-day Christmas calendar for the little ones at home. As well as a cute stuffed toy or decoration for Christmas for your coworkers, boyfriend, or girlfriend, because you two are sure to be better together!

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