Panda Stress Reliever Toy

Are you searching for a unique gag gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it a round, furry character that looks like it came out of a fairy tale? Imagine a surprise toy that makes your eyes "pop" with happiness when you're stressed or tired! When you gently squeeze the panda toy, you'll feel the soft material morph in your hand as if it's interacting with you. No matter how hard you squeeze, the two bouncy "bubble eyes" seem to bulge outward in a mischievous way, as if they might pop out of the panda's face at any moment. Simply enjoying this hilarious design, the funny panda stress relief toy will add a sense of ease and fun to everyday life. ● Made of 100% toxin-free & highly softy plastics ● A funny birthday present for wife, husband, father, mother, and child ● Age: 3 years old and above ● Size (L*W*H): 6*7*10 cm
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Funny Time: 'Sweet' Work

One day a bee and a butterfly were chatting among the flowers.

The bee said, "You know, I'm so tired of being busy collecting nectar and then making honey every day."

The butterfly laughed and said, "Then you are a 'hard' worker bee!"

Puzzled by this, the bee asked, "Why did you put it in quotes?"

The butterfly replied mischievously, "Because you don't work 'hard', you work 'sweet'!"

The bee was amused and couldn't help but laugh along.

From then on, the bee remembered this joke every time it was busy and became happier.

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