Funny Hand Raising Kitten Toy Set

Oops, oops, look at this kitten pen holder, it's practically synonymous with dancing! Don't believe me? Try using it with your stationery and feel the charm of that kitten, which seems to beckon you to create wonderful stories together. Fun and practical at the same time, this is our hand raising kitten toy! They can serve as thoughtful gifts for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, gatherings, and more, making them perfect for your children, friends, teachers, classmates, colleagues, and others. ● 1 Set includes 5 pcs ● Made of PVC resin material ● Size: 5.5*3.2cm ● Weight: 17.2g ● Packing: OPP packaging
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Funny Time: Store Sale

A man sees a store having a sale and walks in.

"What are you buying?" "I'd like to buy dog food." "We have a rule that you have to prove you have a dog."

"Where is there such a rule?" "That's the way it is with reduced-price items."

The man rubbed shoulders with the salesman, who still wouldn't agree to sell it to him.

Having no choice, the man had to go home and bring his dog before he could buy the dog food.

After a few days, the man went back to this store to buy cat food. "Give me two boxes of cat food."

"We have a rule that you must prove you have cats.""

It was the same salesgirl, and the man dawdled with her again, but ended up having to go home and bring his cat before he could buy the cat food.

A few days later, the man came to the store holding a large cardboard box with a hole dug in it and approached the salesgirl.

"What are you buying?" "Just stick your hand in." The salesman put his hand in, "What is it, sticky." "I want to buy two rolls of hand towels."

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Kathy | 10/24/2023 1:47 AM
Great Desk Decor
This funny kitten toy not only adds a touch of cuteness to my desk, but it's also incredibly functional. It holds all my pens and pencils neatly, making it easy to find what I need while working or studying.