6 Pcs Funny Rabbit Pull Back Car

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This funny rabbit pull back car is made of materials suitable for children and is easy for little hands to grip, making it perfect for toddlers and preschool children. The pull-back mechanism is easy to use, promoting the development of motor skills and providing hours of continuous play for your child. This set of funny rabbit cars contains 6 different styles. The novelty bunny pull back car toy is a delightful choice that guarantees smiles and laughter. Give the gift of playtime joy to the children in your life! ● Material: ABS ● Size: 3.5x4cm ● Weight: 110g
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Funny Time: Bunny Joyride Gone Hare-wire!

Have you heard about the bunny who got his driver's license? Well, he decided to take his brand new pull-back car for a spin. As he revved up his carrot-powered engine, he realized he had a hare-raising problem – he couldn't reach the pedals!

Undeterred, our determined bunny ingeniously enlisted the help of his squirrel friend, who agreed to be the designated pusher. With the squirrel pushing and the bunny steering, they zoomed down the garden path at breakneck speed.

However, their joyride took an unexpected turn when they encountered a traffic jam of snails. The bunny, not known for his patience, shouted, "Hop to it!" But the snails, unfazed, responded, "Sorry, we're on a slow roll."

As the bunny and squirrel waited for the snails to clear the way, they began to wonder if they had unintentionally entered the world's slowest race. The bunny sighed, "I thought this would be a hare-raising adventure, not a snail's pace expedition!"

And that, my friends, is how a bunny's pull-back car joyride turned into a shell-shocked traffic jam tale! 

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