LED Glow Teddy Bear

Looking for a unique gift? Our LED glow teddy bear is handcrafted from environmentally friendly LED materials and comes in a transparent gift box. Surprise your loved ones with a teddy bear that not only speaks volumes of love but also shines brightly to brighten their day – or night! Whether it's an anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, baby shower, or romantic proposal, this LED teddy bear night light is an ideal gift. ● Material: Symphony PVC+LED lamp ● Height: 40cm ● Lamp beads: 200 pcs ● Voltage: 12V ● Weight: 2kg
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Crack Me Up: Teddy's Tea Party

Once upon a time in Teddyland, there was a teddy bear named Benny who decided to host a tea party. He invited all his teddy friends, 
including Teddy the Chef, Teddy the Explorer, and Teddy the Musician.

As the party began, Benny served honey tea and berry muffins. Suddenly, Teddy the Explorer stood up and said, "I just discovered a new 
flavor in the honey! It's beary delicious!" The other teddies giggled at the pun.

Teddy the Musician then pulled out a tiny guitar and started playing a tune. The teddies couldn't help but dance, creating a teddy bear 
conga line. Benny laughed and exclaimed, "This is the best tea party ever! We really know how to have a 'beary' good time!"

And so, the teddy bears continued their tea party, sipping honey tea, munching on muffins, and sharing laughter that echoed throughout 

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