Spider Scare Prank Box

Harmless pranks can properly relieve stress and make life more interesting. Tired of Ordinary Gifts? Be Creative in Your Gift! You can put small gifts in the spider box, and the original color wooden surface can also be doodled as you like to make a one-of-a-kind April Fool's gift. Handmade wood box with a "surprise" inside when you try to open it. Just hand the box to someone and they will naturally want to slide the top open to see what is inside. When they try to open it, the box will jump out a creepy wiggly rubber spider! ● Suitable for age of 14 and above ● Idea gifts for husband, friends and colleagues ● Weight: 100g
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Spider prank scare box Spider prank box size

Funny Time: The Spider's Sneaky Surprise

In a cozy corner of the forest, Spidey the spider crafted his latest invention: the Spider Scare Prank Box. With its lifelike plastic spider poised to pounce, it was guaranteed to elicit screams and giggles alike. Eager to test his creation, Spidey set it up along the forest trail and waited with baited breath.

Soon enough, along came Sammy Squirrel, his bushy tail twitching with curiosity. Spotting the box, he couldn't resist investigating. With a swift paw, he triggered the prank, and out sprang the plastic spider! Sammy's shrieks echoed through the trees, followed by uproarious laughter from Spidey's hiding spot. Another successful scare for the Spider Scare Prank Box!

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