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Picture of Funny Christmas Santa Ornament

Funny Christmas Santa Ornament

This electric Christmas Santa ornament is a unique holiday decoration that can automatically climb up and down the rope, just like a real one, and can also play classic Christmas songs, creating a warm holiday atmosphere, and bringing you endless joy and surprise. You can hang electric Santa on the Christmas tree, fireplace, door frame, window, or any other place to fill your home space with holiday spirit. It is a naughty Christmas gift suitable for all ages, whether it is for children, adults, friends, coworkers, or yourself, it is a warm and fun surprise. ● Material: Plastic + Electronic Components ● Without batteries ● Package size: 22*10*12cm ● Weight: 300g
Picture of Funny Deer Glasses, Christmas Gift

Funny Deer Glasses, Christmas Gift

As laughter fills the air and the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafts, Christmas glasses become a symbol of togetherness. With its bright colors and whimsical design, it instantly transports you to a place of joy. You can wear these adorable party glasses at Christmas parties to make you fashionable and to be the focus of the crowd, making your Christmas day impressive and memorable. Awesome Christmas gifts for holiday parties and photo booths. Nice gifts for family, kids, and your friends. ● Package included: One package included 10 different styles ● Weight: 1kg ● Dimension: 14*15cm/1pcs
Picture of Funny Electric Santa Hat

Funny Electric Santa Hat

Get ready to jingle with the unique naughty Santa hat around! When you flip the switch, Santa's legs will swing like a dance, the head circumference of this Santa leg hat is adjustable in size and can be worn by both adults and children. This electric Santa hat is perfect for office parties, family gatherings, or just spreading some festive cheer wherever you go. Your friends and family won't be able to resist a chuckle when they see you sporting this wacky dancing Santa hat. ● Adjustable size, suitable for both adults and children ● Weight: 300g ● Height: 30cm
Picture of Funny Golf Toy Set

Funny Golf Toy Set

The golf toy set is a hilarious and entertaining gift that's perfect for both men and kids alike. This whimsical bathroom accessory transforms your restroom into a miniature golf course, turning those mundane trips to the toilet into a golfing adventure. Whether it's for a quick round of golf during breaks or for friendly competitions with friends and family, this funny gift will add a touch of whimsy to their daily rituals. ● Funny Christmas/birthday/holiday gifts for boy, father, husband, boyfriend ● Weight: 0.5kg ● Dimension: 43x5.5x15cm
Picture of Funny Pant Handbag

Funny Pant Handbag

This bag is designed to look just like Santa's pants - complete with a jolly red hue and a white cuff at the top. You can use it to store candies, chocolates, gingerbread, or any other snacks your children love. The funny pant handbag comes in two different sizes for you to choose from. This funny pant Handbag is a perfect fusion of fashion and holiday joy. Order it now and spend this cozy Christmas with your family. ● A personalized Christmas ornaments suitable for children, adults, boys, and girls. ● Medium size: 28x17cm, large size: 36x22cm ● Weight: 40g
Picture of Funny Santa, Christmas Tree Ornament

Funny Santa, Christmas Tree Ornament

This hilarious Santa leg is ready to crash your holiday party with its unique blend of humor and festive cheer. Whether you tuck it into your Christmas tree, place it by the front door, or even use it as a playful centerpiece, the funny Christmas tree ornament is sure to bring joy and laughter to your celebrations. ● Weight: 0.2kg ● Dimension: 20x35x10cm
Picture of Glowing Christmas Tree Decoration

Glowing Christmas Tree Decoration

If you don’t have room for a real tree this year or just want to opt for a more original approach. This glowing Christmas tree is perfect! Go country style this Christmas with this gorgeous Christmas tree wall hanging. Our lighted wall Christmas tree is more than just a traditional Christmas tree and has many uses; in addition to being a charming holiday decoration, it can also be used as a wall mount, allowing you to display family photos, greeting cards or even postcards from loved ones. The ladder Christmas tree is perfect for hanging on the wall, the tree can be displayed on its own in your entrance hall or used as the main attraction surrounded by gifts. Perfect as a holiday gift for family, friends and co-workers. Place any decorative accessories or hanging decorations on top! ● Without battery ● Material: Flocking ● Weight: 1kg ● Package Dimension: 55x113cm
Picture of Santa Calendar, Candy Storage

Santa Calendar, Candy Storage

This delightful holiday accessory combines the excitement of the Christmas countdown with a practical twist. Each of the 24 compartments is ready to be filled with your choice of candies, chocolates, or small surprises, making it a delightful tradition for kids and adults alike. Crafted with intricate details and featuring a charming Santa Claus design, this calendar is not only a festive decoration but also a functional storage solution for your favorite treats. ● Material: Felt ● Package Dimension: 45x39x5cm ● Weight: 350g
Picture of 4 Pcs Lost Toboggan Licenses

4 Pcs Lost Toboggan Licenses

Oh no! Santa has lost his official sleigh license! Imagine the look on your children’s faces this Christmas morning when they notice that Santa has revoked his license while delivering presents while everyone is asleep! Who can question the existence of Santa Claus when the evidence is right in front of them?! This is perfect to leave for the kids to find on Christmas morning. Santa's Driving/Sleigh License is an easy way to give your kids a magical Christmas gift they'll never forget, especially when paired with some funny secret Santa gifts tucked into their stockings. Lost toboggan license set is the perfect and weird Christmas gifts for husbands, wives, friends, and coworkers. ● 1 Set includes 4 pieces ● Material: PVC ● Weight: 50g ● Dimension: 8.5*5.4*0.1cm
Picture of Christmas Thief Ornament

Christmas Thief Ornament

This inspired theif wreath ornament will make anyone's heart grow three times a day! Made from burlap ribbon to look like legs are sticking deep out of Santa's sack! Garland Decoration is an excellent decoration for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. The funny Christmas door decorations wear the burlap garland to make your house full of Christmas atmosphere. The design of the Christmas burlap wreath perfectly enhances the festive atmosphere, and the interesting image brings joy to people. Its long hairy legs can be positioned so you can create a Christmas scene on the wreath! The Christmas thief has been cleverly disguised as Santa himself. ● Material: Burlap ● Weight: 1kg ● Dimension: 35*45cm
Picture of Christmas Antlers Decoration

Christmas Antlers Decoration

The Christmas Car Decorations show your passion for Christmas and create a festive Christmas spirit. The Christmas antler car kit is made of plush material, which is comfortable to the touch and can withstand all kinds of weather. Lovely and attractive design makes your car just perfect during Christmas day! Car reindeer Christmas decorations can be compatible with any vehicle, such as cars, trucks, SUV vans. Bring Joy to all in the Holiday Season with these Reindeer Antlers. Give them as Gifts or use them on your own Vehicle to Spread the Christmas cheer. ● Caution: It's better not to use it while you driving fast. ● Material: Cloth ● Size: 41*14cm ● Weight: 0.35kg
Picture of Christmas Luminous Music House Ornament

Christmas Luminous Music House Ornament

Add a festive touch to your Christmas decor with this glowing resin home decoration! This Christmas luminous music house ornament will be a good choice! The shape of the Christmas Village statue is based on past village life. The open Christmas village, warm lights and Christmas-themed music will create a wonderful, warm and joyful atmosphere for you. Whether placed on a table, shelf or used as part of a Christmas tree decoration, this resin home ornament will bring joy to your home. This is a great gift for your friends or family on Christmas, New Year or other special holidays. ● Without battery ● Plug-in use/ battery ● Size: 12*12*16cm ● Weight: 0.7kg
Picture of Funny Christmas Stockings

Funny Christmas Stockings

A cute spooky gift for any burger lover in life! The funny Christmas stockings are packaged using yellow tinfoil and a brightly colored original box that looks like an actual hamburger straight out of a restaurant. This quirky and amusing patterned sock box makes for fantastic gifts on occasions like Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or simply as a token of friendship. Not only will it elicit a "wow" reaction, but the recipient will also enjoy three extraordinary pairs of socks. ● Material: Cotton ● Weight: 0.6kg ● Include 3 pairs of socks
Picture of 2 Pcs Funny Wine Stopper, Cute Bottle Hat

2 Pcs Funny Wine Stopper, Cute Bottle Hat

The funny wine bottle stopper features a design resembling a woolen cap, which is fashionable and cute. Made of food-grade silicone material, it is safe and environmentally friendly, with a low price and reusable capability. Funny formal hat wine stoppers are an excellent choice as they are highly flexible and can adapt to different bottle sizes, effectively preventing the escape of wine, red wine, champagne, or their volatile aromas. So whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or the holiday season, let the funny wine stopper be your partners in whimsy, making every moment a little more memorable and a lot more fun! ● 2 Pieces in different colors (red+black) ● Material: Silicone material ● Size: 5*6cm ● Weight: 100g

Whether you're looking for something to put under the tree or to put in your Christmas stocking, has a novelty of Christmas gift ideas for you. Whether you're shopping for a White Elephant gift exchange, a dirty Santa gift, a Secret Santa party, or just want to inject some laughter into your family gathering, our Christmas gag gifts are a great choice for spreading holiday cheer.

Before Christmas begins, spread the holiday cheer throughout your home with a hilarious dose of funny Christmas decorations. From Christmas charms to countdown calendars, you'll find tons of great holiday decorating ideas at to make your home cozy and Santa-ready.

We have weird Christmas gifts suitable for all ages, whether it's a Santa beard and wig set for your husband, a wine bottle sleeves for your wife, or a 24-day/25-day Christmas calendar for the little ones at home. As well as a cute stuffed toy or decoration for Christmas for your coworkers, boyfriend, or girlfriend, because you two are sure to be better together!

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