Elaborate Victorian Style Banners

Have you ever wondered what marvelous things would happen if Victorian elegance and Christmas spirit met? Right here, we have fascinating Victorian Christmas banners that seem to travel back in time, blending the prosperity of the past with the warmth of the modern day. Victorian style Christmas banners seem like a doorway to a Victorian winter wonderland, painted with detailed floral and snowflake motifs that look like they're floating down an old postcard. Our banners often feature ornate embellishments and delicate details that intertwine the joy of the holidays with elegance. So let's revel in this Victorian Christmas banner and let our imaginations flicker with the candlelight as we travel through the mists of time and intertwine with the warmth of the past as we celebrate this special season together. ● Made of paper ● Size(L*W): 19.5*14cm/ 7.67*5.51in ● Quantity: 14 pieces ● Packing: OPP bag
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Victorian style christmas banner size Victorian style christmas banner detailsVictorian style christmas banner detailsVictorian style christmas banner details

Funny Time: Santa's Mistake

On Christmas Day, Santa Claus was preparing to hand out gifts.

But he accidentally tied the gift bags with the wrong labels when he was preparing them. 

As a result, a little boy named Tom received a gift labeled "for girls" and a little girl named Amy received a gift labeled "for boys". 

Tom opens his present to find a pink princess dress, while Amy opens her present to find a soccer ball. 

Both of them are shocked, and then they happily exchange gifts and have a joyful Christmas.

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