Funny Christmas Drawstring Bag

Who said that only Santa Claus can deliver surprises? Who says gifts have to be wrapped in ordinary packaging? This magical Christmas drawstring bag is simply the best combination of gift and surprise! How does it transform into the Christmas magician in your heart with a simple pull and release? Imagine putting your gifts into the bag and pulling the string gently, as if creating a little world of gifts. And then a loose rope, Christmas surprise instant outbreak, as if you personally light up the beloved's holiday. Whether you want to give friends, family, or loved ones a creative surprise, this Christmas drawstring bag is definitely your first choice! Made of skin-friendly polyester fabric Size (L*W): 34*27cm Style: Modern
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Christmas drawstring bag size Christmas drawstring bag detailChristmas drawstring bag detailChristmas drawstring bag detail

Funny Time: Tomatoes and Christmas

On Christmas day, the teacher asked Xiao Ming, "Do you know why Santa Claus always wears red?"

Xiao Ming shook his head, "Why?"

The teacher smiled and said, "Because red is the theme color for the holidays, and red clothes make Santa look like a happy tomato!"

Ming frowned, "But what does a tomato have to do with Christmas?"

The teacher laughed and explained, "It doesn't mean tomatoes, it means he's happy as a Santa!"

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