Electric Rotating Santa Toy

Have you ever seen an electric Santa toy that rotates on its own? Does it look like Santa suddenly decided to practice dancing? How does this toy dance and spin around without falling over? Let me tell you, our electric rotating Santa toy is nothing short of a star on stage! Whenever you start it up, electric rotating Santa looks like he's doing a merry dance under a brilliant patch of aurora borealis. His red robe flaps like a snowflake fluttering in the cold wind, while his beard looks like a ball of cotton candy, gently drifting down to leave a trail of joy on the snow. It seems to bring the joyous atmosphere of the North Pole into your home, immersing everyone in the joy of the holiday season! ● Made of 100% toxin-free & highly durable plastics ● Without battery ● Size (L*W): 26*23cm ● Craftsmanship: Semi-handmade and semi-mechanical
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Funny Time: Deer Complaints

On Christmas night, Santa's deer get together to complain because of the long flights they have to endure every year.

One of the deer said, "It's just unfair to the labor force that Santa Claus sits in his sleigh and enjoys the scenery every time, while we have to fly as hard as we can!"

Another deer went on to say, "Yeah, I'm ready to make a union request for at least a little time off and extra carrot benefits!"

Everyone laughed, and the joke became one of the deer's ways of getting rid of their fatigue on Christmas Eve.

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