2 Pcs Christmas Party Prop Hats

Get ready to jingle all the way with our Christmas party hat! This festive accessory is the ultimate head-turner at any holiday gathering. The Christmas party hat is like a wearable confetti cannon, spreading joy with every step. This Christmas hat makes for the perfect gift for dad, mom, and kids, allowing everyone to fully relish the joy of the holiday season. ● 2 PCS include a green and a gold hat ● Christmas gag gifts for adults and children ● Weight: 0.7kg ● Dimension: 37x45cm
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Party prop hat dimension Party prop hat

Funny Time: Santa's Slip-Up

Santa Claus had been working tirelessly for weeks, preparing for Christmas Eve. He was so focused on his job that he forgot about his 
wife's birthday, which happened to be on December 24th. Mrs. Claus was not pleased and gave Santa the silent treatment.

On Christmas Eve, as Santa was about to depart on his sleigh, he realized he had forgotten to bring any presents for Mrs. Claus. In a 
panic, he ran to the kitchen and wrapped up a can of soup, a spatula, and a roll of duct tape. He handed this makeshift gift to Mrs. 
Claus, said, "Happy Birthday, my dear. I hope this 'can' make up for my 'spat' on your special day, and I promise to 'stick' to 
remember next time!" Mrs. Claus burst into laughter, and Santa's charm saved the day.

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Kalyn | 11/10/2023 9:07 AM
Nice hat
I bought this hat for a white elephant gift exchange, and they all like it!  I really satisfied with this purchase!