Snowfall Umbrella Santa Ornament

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus can gracefully fall from the sky without irritating the air currents? Yes, the snowfall umbrella santa ornament is a marvelous device like an aerial ballet! How does it arc beautifully through the air and land gently on your Christmas tree? This ornament seems to be a shining shooting star on a cold winter night, carrying the mysterious descent of gifts. Imagine how awestruck your friends will be when they see this parachute Santa! It is the highlight of your home's decoration and a symbol of endless joy, making your holiday season full of endless surprises and joy. ● Made of resin iron ● Packing: PP bags individually wrapped ● Style: American
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Parachute santa hanging ornament size Parachute santa hanging ornament detail

Funny Time: Bonus Gift

On Christmas day, the boss gave his employees a deer toy and said, "I hope you'll be as diligent and goal-oriented as a deer at work!"

The employee took the toy smiled and said, "Then, boss, would you also like to give us some 'bonus gifts' like Santa Claus?"

The boss laughed awkwardly and promised to consider it.

From then on, the deer in the office became a symbol of diligence.

The boss also learned the staff's humor, and every holiday season sent some "bonus gifts".

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