8 Unique Funny Birthday Gifts for Girl

Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate the joy and laughter that a person brings into your life. When it comes to choosing a gift for a girl who appreciates humor, why settle for the usual when you can go for something uniquely funny? Whether she's your best friend, sister, or colleague, these 8 unique funny birthday gifts are sure to bring a big smile to her face.

Birthday gift for girl

Funny Kneadable Dinosaur, Stress Relief Toy

Our Funny Kneadable Dinosaur, the ultimate stress relief toy that's here to turn your frowns upside down! Squeeze, squish, and squash away your worries as you knead this Funny Kneadable Dinosaur. Its soft, pliable texture is perfect for those moments when life's pressures start to weigh you down. Whether you're stuck in traffic, caught in a never-ending meeting, or just in need of a mini-mental vacation, this dino's got your back (and your stress!).

If your girl feels stressed, then this will be the perfect birthday gift for her! She gives our charming dino a gentle squeeze, and it responds with the most amusingly haughty expression. But that's not all – as you release your grip, watch in wonder as it slowly bounces back to its original shape, as if to say, "I'm fabulous and resilient, just like you!"

Funny Teeth, Wind-Up Toy

If you want to find a funny birthday gift for your little girl, this Funny Teeth Edition is a good choice! Get ready to unleash a burst of giggles and grins as these wacky wind-up toys take center stage. With their vibrant colors, unique designs, and unmistakable big toothy grins, these toys are here to make playtime an uproarious adventure. The Funny Teeth Wind-Up Toys aren't just for kids; they're a hit with all ages. Place them on your desk, bring them to a party, or simply enjoy some lighthearted entertainment whenever you need a break. Their toothy grins are infectious, and their antics will brighten even the dreariest of days.

Wind them up, set them free, and watch as they embark on a comical journey of hops, skips, and jumps. Sometimes they'll zoom ahead in a straight line, and other times they'll twirl and spin in unpredictable circles. It's a delightful game of chance that's sure to keep everyone guessing – and laughing!


Funny Pig Trotter Pillow

This Pig Trotter Pillow, with its whimsical design capturing the essence of a pig's trotter in shape, color, and texture, makes for a delightful and unique birthday gift. The lifelike and heartwarming addition to your living space is not only visually appealing but also soft to the touch and generously stuffed, providing comfort and relaxation. The vibrant color palette and intricate detailing add a lifelike quality, sure to elicit smiles and double-takes from anyone who lays eyes on it.

More than just a giggling gift, this Funny Pig Trotter Pillow is a comfortable companion for lounging and relaxation. After a long day, sink into its plush embrace and let the stresses melt away as you experience its softness and support. Available in a variety of sizes, there's a trotter for every nook and cranny of your home, whether you choose to adorn your couch, bed, or your favorite reading chair. It's a conversation starter that adds a playful touch to any space, making it a perfect and memorable birthday present.

Pork hoof pillow

Funny Broken Egg, Prank Phone Holder

Made from durable materials and designed to accommodate a range of phone sizes, the Funny Broken Egg Prank Phone Holder is both functional and entertaining. Keep it on your desk, your bedside table, or even in your car – it's a conversation starter and an optical illusion rolled into one.

At first glance, it appears to be a shattered eggshell with its gooey yolk and egg whites spilling out. The level of detail in this phone holder is astonishing – from the texture of the broken shell to the convincing liquid center, it's a visual trick that's guaranteed to fool even the most observant eye. But that's not all this quirky contraption is good for. Behind its perplexing exterior lies a brilliant prankster's tool. Use it to give your friends a harmless fright as they hesitate to touch the "messy" eggshell. Or, take advantage of its bewildering appearance to secure your spot – no one will want to disturb what seems like a potential mess waiting to happen!

Broken eggshell cell phone holder

Funny Gorilla Plush Toy

This Funny Gorilla Plush Toy, with its endearing cartoonish design, is an ideal birthday gift for a girl who loves adorable playfulness. Beyond its charming appearance, a closer look reveals an extra element of fun – one of its hands is gripping a banana. Adding to the amusement, this banana is magnetically attached, setting the stage for a delightful game of hide-and-seek.

Take the banana away, and the gorilla springs to life! With playful sobs, flailing arms, and a wiggling tail in the most comical manner, this plush toy transcends being just a cuddly companion. It becomes an interactive experience that promises not only giggles but also infectious grins. This Funny Gorilla Plush Toy is a perfect birthday present that combines cuteness with entertainment, creating lasting memories of laughter and joy.

Electric monkey

Giant Burrito Tortilla Blanket

This blanket is a feast for the eyes with its lifelike pattern that includes charred spots and golden brown hues, mimicking the appearance of a freshly baked tortilla. The attention to detail is mouthwatering – you'll find yourself craving your favorite burrito fillings as you snuggle beneath its enticing design.

But it's not just about appearances. The Giant Burrito Tortilla Blanket is as soft as it is inviting. Wrap yourself in its plushness and experience a touch of luxury as it caresses your skin. Whether you're watching TV, reading a book, or simply relaxing, this blanket adds an extra layer of comfort that's hard to resist.

Burrito blanket

Funny Poop Car, Remote Control Toy

Get ready for a laughter-packed experience with the Funny Poop Car Remote Control Toy – an unconventional toy car that takes fun to a whole new level! Perfect as a birthday gift for a girl, this isn't your ordinary remote-controlled car; it's a rolling, giggling, and thoroughly entertaining piece of ingenuity. Watch as it not only zips forward and spins but also emits the unmistakable "plop plop" sounds of... well, doing its business! The Funny Poop Car comes complete with a remote control, allowing for easy steering and adding to the comedic soundtrack it provides.

What truly sets this toy apart is its design – shaped like a realistic, oversized poop emoji, complete with all the expected details. The sheer hilarity of seeing it cruise around your living room makes it an outstanding conversation starter and a guaranteed source of amusement. It's a quirky and memorable birthday gift that promises endless laughs and adds a touch of whimsy to the celebration.

Remote control poop car

Pop-Eye Panda Stress Relief Toy

Meet the Pop-Eye Panda Stress Relief Toy – your adorable, squishable companion for those moments when life gets a little too wild! Shaped like a cute panda, this Panda Stress Relief Toy is more than just a cuddly friend; it's a source of instant amusement.

Squeeze it gently, and watch in delight as its eyes pop out in the most comical and exaggerated fashion. It's a sight that's sure to bring a grin to your face, no matter how stressful your day may be. Plus, the sensation of squeezing this toy is incredibly satisfying – its softness and resilience make it the perfect stress-busting buddy.

panda squeeze

So there you have it—seven unique and funny birthday gift ideas that will make her special day even more memorable.

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