Funny Poop Car, Remote Control Toy

Tired of the same old pranks that everyone sees coming? Well, brace yourselves for the latest innovation in mischief-making: Funny Remote Control Poop Car! Imagine the sheer bewilderment on your friends' faces as you navigate a strategically placed fake poop across the room using just a remote control. With its state-of-the-art propulsion system, you can surprise your unsuspecting victims from a safe distance, controlling the faux feces' trajectory, speed, and even unexpected spins! Whether it's sneaking up on your roommate or turning a family gathering into a sidesplitting spectacle, funny remote control speed poo promises to revolutionize the art of pranking. It will be a unique gift for your friends, your kids and even your husband! ● Eco-friendly material ● Safe and non-toxic ● Without battery ● Dimension: 10x10x8cm ● Weight: 200g
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Adventures in the Toilet



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Funny Time: Who is the Most Handsome King in the Land?

In a kingdom far away, there was a magical mirror that always told the truth but also loved to crack jokes. One day, the king approached the mirror and asked, "Mirror mirror on the wall tell me who is the most handsome king in the land?"

The mirror responded, "Your Majesty, you are indeed handsome, but you're not the only one!"

Confused, the king inquired, "Who else is handsome?"

The mirror cheerfully replied, "Why, your horse, of course!"

The king laughed heartily, realizing the mirror's sense of humor. From that day on, he would often visit the mirror, not just to seek answers but also to enjoy the mirror's amusing remarks.

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Sanah | 9/22/2023 1:19 AM
I pranked my friend with the funny poop car
I pranked my friend with this toy poop car that can actually run, and he was so surprised that he started yelling, "There's a piece of poop chasing me!" He was laughing while running away.