Funny Broken Egg, Prank Phone Holder

Tired of your phone slipping and sliding all over the place? Say goodbye to those egg-extremely frustrating moments with our "Broken Egg" Phone Holder! It's not just a phone holder – it's a conversation starter. Watch as your guests try to stifle their laughter while asking, "Is that a... broken egg?" You'll be the talk of the town, and your phone will finally have a cozy nest to call its own. Don't be deceived by its cracked exterior – this egg knows how to delicately cradle your phone! Place your phone within this phone stand, whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or having a video chat with friends, this cracked egg is all you need to spend quality time with your device! ● Material: real eggshell, resin ● Weight: 45g ● Dimension: 15x17cm
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Funny Time: The Genie's Three Wishes

A man found an ancient lamp and rubbed it, releasing a genie. The genie offered three wishes, but with a twistβ€”he warned that whatever the man wished for, his ex-wife would receive double.

The man pondered and said, "For my first wish, I want a mansion."

The genie granted the wish, and sure enough, his ex-wife received two mansions.

The man grinned and said, "For my second wish, I want a million dollars."

The genie complied, and his ex-wife instantly became a millionaire.

Thinking carefully, the man made his final wish, "I wish to donate one of my kidneys."

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Grace | 9/21/2023 9:20 AM
I got yelled at for a broken egg
I bought this phone stand, and when I placed it on my computer keyboard, my girlfriend saw it. She said, "How did you manage to break an egg, and it's still on the keyboard? It's so messy, and you haven't even cleaned it up." I'm afraid to talk.