Funny Wide Eyes Voice Changer

Want to be the monster from the movie? Or that super cute owl? Funny wide eyes voice changer can help you realize it in one click and make you the most popular funny star at the party. Cool sounds and bigger eyes! This voice changer for kids will be a funny gift for your little one, whatever birthday or new year gift! No need for theater makeup, just this magical device and your voice will instantly become ridiculously funny and laugh out loud funny. Come join the army of mouth voice changers and let the world be entertained by your voice! ● Without battery ● Eco-friendly ABS material & electronic components ● Size: 16*11*17cm ● Weight: 140g
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Funny Time: The Embarrassment of the Voice Changer

One day, Jie went to a voice training class to improve his presentation skills. In the class, the teacher took out the latest voice changer, claiming that it could make students' voices more attractive.

Teacher: "Okay, students, now let's try this magic voice changer, which can make your voice sound more confident and attractive."

Jie excitedly took the voice changer and started to speak.

Jie: "Hello everyone, I am very happy today ......"

Suddenly, something went wrong with the voice changer and Jie's voice suddenly became robot-like.

Jie: "I'm very happy today, happy, happy, happy ......"

The whole class laughed, and Jie put the voice changer down in embarrassment, but it still kept repeating "happy" over and over again.

Teacher: "Don't worry, Jie, let me help you." The teacher tries to turn off the voice changer, but the sound gets even weirder.

Jie: "Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy ......."

The class laughed so hard that the teacher could do nothing. Finally, one of the students rushed forward and pulled the batteries out of the voice-changing toy to put an end to the embarrassing performance.

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