Funny Pumpkin Chain Bag

Our Halloween funny pumpkin chain bag - the ultimate accessory for those who like to keep things light, fun, and just a little bit spooky! Just like the perfect pumpkin, this bag boasts a round and plump shape that's not only stylish but also roomy enough to hold all your essentials. It's the ultimate blend of fashion and functionality. This plump and round bag, adorned with a cheeky pumpkin grin, boasts a vibrant orange hue that's sure to turn heads. Plus, with smooth zippers and an adjustable shoulder strap, it's both functional and fun, making it the ultimate accessory to elevate your Halloween style. ● Material: Polyurethane ● Size: 18 *18*18 cm ( Sphere ) ● Carrying Height: 6 cm ● Shoulder Strap Length: 125 cm ( Adjustable )
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Funny Time: 

One day, the zookeepers discovered that kangaroos had escaped from their enclosure. They held a meeting to discuss the situation and unanimously concluded that the enclosure's height was too low. They decided to raise the enclosure's height from its original 10 meters to 20 meters. However, to their surprise, the day after increasing the enclosure's height, they found the kangaroos had still managed to escape. So, they decided to raise the enclosure's height again, this time to 30 meters. To their dismay, the next day, they once again saw the kangaroos outside the enclosure. Frustrated, the zookeepers raised the enclosure's height to a staggering 100 meters.

One day, as a group of giraffes and some kangaroos were chatting, they asked, "Do you think these people will continue to raise the height of your enclosure?" The kangaroos replied, "It's hard to say. If they keep forgetting to close the door, who knows!"

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Isabella | 10/9/2023 5:52 AM
This funny pumpkin chain bag is an absolute scream!  🎃🤣I've received so many compliments and laughs whenever I carry it.