Funny Plant Plush Toy

Hey, friends! Let me introduce you to a couple of friends that are just bursting with cuteness: the Funny Plant Plush Toy! These fabulous plant friends will bring you endless joy. They are not only suitable for kids, but also for adults, whether you use them to unwind or show off your dancing skills at a party. Come and make these plant stars a part of your life! They will make your daily routine more fun and energetic! ● Skin-friendly plush fabric ● Height approximately 35cm ● Filled with high quality cotton ● Without battery
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Sunflowers and cactus Funny flowers function Funny cactus detail White sunflower details

Funny Time: Embarrassing Anecdotes in Hotels

Halfway through the meal, the soup will see the bottom, something round floating out, someone asked: "Miss, what is this?"

Miss busy answer: "is a son of a bitch." The crowd is another surprise: "Leaders eat first, leaders eat first!"

The leader did not hear the "bad luck" harmonized mouth, very pleased, called the lady: "Give everyone a share!"

The lady hesitantly dawdled, and was slow to move. The leader asked angrily: "What, this is not clear?"

The lady said with a difficult face: "seven people, six bastards, how do you ask me to share ah?"

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Jonashn | 10/9/2023 3:13 AM
Nice toy
My six-year-old loves this toy!! He plays with it for hours. Funny toy for entertaining.