Funny Stress Reducing Ugly Fish

Hey, have you ever met a stress reliever? Let me introduce you to the funny stress-reducing ugly fish toy! This funny little guy is your perfect companion for relaxation and stress reduction. A thoughtful gift for father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend to help them unwind. Simply squeeze it in your hand and the green dorky fish morphs as if mimicking your expression. When you feel annoyed or stressed, it will transform into a funny smiley face that will instantly light up your smile! Don't let stress bother you anymore, play with the green nerd fish and let happiness fill your life! ● Material: Thermo plastic rubber material and sand ● Dimension: 15*14cm ● Weight: 650g
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Funny stress reducing ugly fish dimension Funny stress reducing ugly fish detail Funny stress reducing ugly fish face detail Funny stress reducing ugly fish bottle detail

Funny Time: Are You God?

There is a man with, a middle-aged son, very spoiled, efforts to pull his son to adulthood, hard work for his son to finish college.

His son suits, red light, but his own rags, hungry, frugal for his son to buy a house, married his wife, their own old age.

However, his son was unfilial and threw him out of the house on a stormy night.

The old man came to a broken temple to take shelter from the rain.

The old man was so sad that he looked up to the sky and sighed: God, why is he so unfair to me?

After a flash of lightning, an older voice said, "This is retribution."

At that moment the old man saw a man even older than him enter from the corner of the broken temple.

The old man was shocked, "Are you God?"

The older man said, "Bastard! You threw me out more than twenty years ago. I'm your father. Don't you recognize me anymore?"

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Elafrance | 11/15/2023 1:53 AM
Look good
This was a birthday gift for a very dear (and very busy) friend. She was stressed recently, so I bought this for her. Hope she can release her stress with it.