Funny Prank Whoopee Cushion

Want to blow away your friends with a prank toy that is safe and funny? Hide the whoopee cushion on the seat of a chair, or sofa hear the surprise when someone sits on it. People make a sound like a fart with a whoopee cushion sound, creating an embarrassing atmosphere. The classic funny gag gift is ideal for party supplies. Simply inflate with air just like a balloon, and then place the fart cushion on the chair out of view of your victim. When they sit down, the room will trump with laughter as your victim's rear end seemingly sounds like it's had a major explosion! This trick is sure to bring back the nostalgia for any prankster! ● Mechanical crimping, reusable ● Optional color, size ● Idea gifts for husband, children, friends and girlfriend ● Weight: 350g
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Funny Time: A Whoopee Wonderland

In the mystical realm of mischief, there lived a mischievous jester named Jasper. Armed with his trusty whoopee cushion fart, Jasper set out to create laughter echoes that could be heard across the kingdom.

One day, as the royal court gathered for a grand feast, Jasper strategically placed his big whoopie cushion on the king's throne. As the king prepared to grace his seat, a resounding "PARRRPPP!" filled the air, and the entire court erupted into laughter.

The king, initially startled, soon joined in the merriment. "Ah, Jasper, you've turned my throne into a Whoopee Wonderland!" he chuckled.

Encouraged by the royal approval, Jasper continued his pranks, placing cushions in unexpected places – from the royal advisor's chair to the grand banquet table. Each "PARRRPPP!" was met with gales of laughter, turning the royal palace into a haven of hilarity.

From that day forward, the fart cushions became the official symbol of the kingdom's joyous spirit, and Jasper was celebrated as the royal jester whose pranks turned every day into a Whoopee Wonderland.

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Marie | 10/24/2023 1:40 AM
Good choice
I purchased it for a birthday party. For the price, it was a good purchase. My 7-year-old daughter still had a great time with them though!