Funny Magnetic Bottle Opener

Inspired by the convenience of a zipper, our funny magnetic bottle opener glides around bottle caps, making it effortless to crack open your drink of choice. Get the party started and become the bottle-opening hero among your friends with the Magnetic Bottle Opener. It's the perfect gift for yourself or the beer lover in your life! ● Material: Zinc Alloy ● Dimension: 3*9*13 cm ● Weight: 141g
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Funny Time: The Magic Refrigerator

One day a boy named Sam told his mom, "Mom, I found a magic refrigerator!"

Curious, his mom asked, "Oh, really? And how amazing is it?"

Sam excitedly said, "Every time I open it, it has my favorite food in it!"

Mom was surprised and asked, "Really? Then show me." She followed Ming to the refrigerator and Sam opened the door, which was indeed filled with all kinds of delicious food.

Mom laughed out loud and said, "Sam, this is just a normal refrigerator that we store food in."

Puzzled, Sam replied, "No, no, Mom, you don't understand! It's a magic refrigerator, and every time I open it, the food disappears into thin air!"

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