Funny Fast Moving Toy

Hey, are you looking for a little buddy who can make you laugh too? Don't wait any longer, let me introduce you to - the fast-moving toy! This is not your average duffer, it has built-in infrared sensing technology. Once your hand enters its sensing zone, it will start to scurry away as if frightened, as if it's engaged in a mysterious chase with you. The funny moving toy doesn't just bump into walls. When it encounters an obstacle, it will smartly turn or back away to ensure a smooth crossing of your room, never stumbling. Not only is Funny Fast Moving Toy great for interacting with people, but it can also be your pet's new playmate. Watching it play with your cat or puppy will make the whole world more fun for you! ● Material: ABS plastic/electronic components ● Size: 7.5*6 cm
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Fast moving yellow use Fast moving yellow step

Funny Time: The Envy of Long Necks

The giraffe said, "Bunny, how nice it is to have a long neck, I wish you knew that with a long neck, whatever is good to eat will slowly pass through the long neck and that delicacy can be enjoyed for a long time."
The rabbit looked at him without expression.
The giraffe went on:-"And, in the summer, that cool water slowly flows through my long neck, and it is so' delicious. It's so nice to have a long neck! Rabbit, can you imagine?"
The rabbit said slowly, "Have you ever thrown up? "

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Amy | 9/21/2023 1:51 AM
This funny toy is the perfect recipe for laughter
Recently bought a fast moving toy and my 5 year old son was immediately hooked. I love this toy too but the real magic happens when you push the button.