Halloween Horror House Sign

Greetings, fellow haunt aficionados and lovers of all things delightfully eerie! If your home is in need of some spine-tingling sprucing up this Halloween, look no further than our Halloween Horror House Sign – the key to unlocking the door to your very own den of devilishness and mayhem! Gone are the days of mundane "Welcome" signs that wouldn't scare a fly. Our sign lets your guests know that they're stepping into a world where the only thing more twisted than the decorations is the sense of humor. With letters that practically drip with suspense and a design that's so chillingly charming it could give a vampire the chills, this sign is the ultimate conversation starter for your haunted home. ● Occasion: Holiday Party, Home Decoration ● Material: 400g white cardboard + lamination ● Number of pieces: 1 piece ● Size: 14*25cm ● Packing: OPP bag 16.5*27cm
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Funny Time: Haunted Puns

Why don't ghosts like to use elevators? Because they're always lifting their spirits the old-fashioned way – by taking the stairs! Ghosts might not need to worry about physical limitations, but they sure have a sense of humor. While they could easily float through walls and ceilings, they still prefer to keep things traditional when it comes to getting from one floor to another. Elevators just don't tickle their spectral funny bones the way stairs do. After all, it's all about maintaining that spooky charm, even in everyday activities. So, next time you're in a haunted house and you see a ghost skipping the elevator, you'll know they're just trying to stay true to their ghostly roots.


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Gracy | 10/9/2023 6:25 AM
This sign is a must-have for any Halloween enthusias!
The horror house sign's design is incredibly creepy and realistic, making it the perfect addition to our Halloween decorations. It added a fantastic eerie vibe to our haunted house setup, and we got tons of compliments from our trick-or-treaters.