Halloween Lights, Funny Smiling Pumpkin

A string of bright orange pumpkins, each one wearing its own adorably goofy hood. Not only do these pumpkin lights bring a dash of humor to your Halloween decor, but they also shine brilliantly with their warm, inviting glow. They'll make your home the friendliest haunt on the block, perfect for trick-or-treaters of all ages. Setting up these lights is as easy as pumpkin pie. Just hang them up, plug them in, and watch as your space transforms into a pumpkin wonderland! And don't worry about tricky wires – these lights are designed to be tangle-free, so you can focus on perfecting your costume instead of wrestling with cords. ● Number of LED beads: 10 ● Single LED size: 6*8 cm ● Lengths: 2m ● Without battery
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Funny Time: Pumpkin's Love Life

Why was the pumpkin afraid to commit to a relationship?

Because it had a history of getting carved up and ghosted every October!

Poor pumpkins, they have it tough around Halloween. They spend all year growing, developing deep emotional connections with their fellow vines, only to face the dreaded carving knife when autumn arrives. And if that wasn't bad enough, some pumpkins are even left in the cold after being used as decorations, only to be discarded once the holiday is over. So, it's no wonder that this particular pumpkin was a bit hesitant to dive into a new relationship. But hey, with a little counseling and maybe some protective spells, who knows – this pumpkin might just find true love that lasts beyond the spooky season!

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Thomas | 10/10/2023 1:54 AM
The pumpkin lantern is small but cute enough
I bought this pumpkin light to add some spooky vibes to my Halloween decor, it's so hilarious that it's become a running joke in my family. I put them away when it rains because I'm afraid they'll get wet.
Ashleigh | 10/10/2023 1:42 AM
Cute pumpkin lights
These lights are very cute, and very easy to unwrap, hang and enjoy.