Funny Keyboard Throw Pillow

Are those work emails driving you bonkers? Need an outlet for your daily frustrations? Get ready for a smashing solution – our funny keyboard throw pillow with Stress-Relief Mode! When life gets tough, just give this colossal Enter key a satisfying smack! It's not only a keyboard accessory but also your personal stress therapist. The harder you hit it, the more it absorbs your stress, so it is a perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or colleague! It's not just a vent button, it's a lunch break wonder, a pillow. Stressed out during work hours? Need a quick power nap? Our keyboard throw pillow has got you covered! Not only does it let you smash stress into smithereens, but it also transforms into a comfy office nap pillow whenever you need a break. ● Product material: Stretch Fabric & Foam ● Size: 20*14*10 cm ● USB cable length: 135 cm
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Funny Time: The Overloaded Printer

In a busy office, there was a printer that always seemed to have issues. It would jam, run out of ink, or just refuse to print when needed the most. Everyone in the office had their fair share of frustration with it.

One day, Sarah, who was known for her patience, decided she had had enough. She walked over to the printer, stared it down, and said, "Printer, if you don't start working correctly, I'm going to send you to therapy!"

The office erupted in laughter at Sarah's threat, but she was dead serious. She printed out a tiny "therapy appointment" slip and taped it to the printer's paper tray. It read, "Printer Therapy: Dealing with Performance Issues."

From that day on, Sarah would talk to the printer like it was a troubled individual. She'd say things like, "I understand that you have a lot on your plate, but we need you to print these reports." She even made it a routine to ask the printer how it was feeling that day.

The absurdity of it all lightened the office mood, and the printer miraculously seemed to have fewer issues. It became a running joke, with other employees joining in the "therapy" sessions. The office learned that sometimes a little humor was the best way to cope with technology troubles.

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Kimberly | 9/22/2023 6:07 AM
Great quality
Great quality. Holds up to my anger. Saves my keyboard from death.