Funny Brain Holder Candle

Does the brain holder candle seem like a way to set your thoughts on fire and let the flowers of your brain blossom into a lush fragrance? Does it release magical energy in the air that makes your inspiration leap like the candle's flame? Does its aroma seem like a way to immerse your thoughts in a sea of flowers filled with happiness, peace, and creativity? Close your eyes and light our brain-holder candle as if opening a door to a world of creativity. The light floral scent fills the air like a romp through memories and inspiration. Every breath is like savoring the fragrance of thoughts, and every piece of candlelight is like lighting up the sparks of the mind. ● Multicolour available ● Size: 7.5*11.9cm ● Burning time: 10h ● Weight: 300g
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Funny Time: Candy Monster's Dilemma

Why did the witch's potion turn into a disaster?

Because she ran out of eye of newt and had to use iPhone screens instead – it turned her brew into a WiFi hotspot!

Witches and their potions, you never know what's going to happen. This one witch was in the middle of brewing a powerful potion, but she realized she was fresh out of eye of newt – a crucial ingredient. In a moment of desperation, she decided to substitute iPhone screens for the missing newt eyes. Little did she know that her potion would turn into a bubbling cauldron of colorful lights and a strong WiFi signal. So, not only did she brew up a magical elixir, but she also unintentionally became the most popular witch in the digital realm. Who knew that a potion mishap could lead to such modern magical marvels?

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