Poor Man's Comfort Blanket

Have you ever thought about getting rich overnight? Now you can actually do it! Designed to look like a million dollar bill, our poor man's comfort blanket is perfect for watching TV on sofas, couches, beds, in cars and airplanes, or relaxing on the couch after getting off work so you can do it in your comfort big dream! There is no doubt that a round blanket with a million-dollar print on one side looks very cute and attractive, and there is nothing like being wrapped in a cool million-dollar to feel warm and cozy. So it can be the great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, son, husband, wife, friend, colleague! ● Made of skin-friendly fabric ● Size(L*W): 150*70cm/ 180*90cm ● Weight: 1kg
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Funny Time: A Fortune Teller

A man visited a fortune teller who claimed to see the future. Skeptical, he asked, "What do you see in my future?"

The fortune teller closed her eyes, went into a trance, and said, "I see you in a big house, surrounded by luxury."

Excited, the man asked, "What else?"

"I see you driving a fancy sports car," she continued.

The man grinned, "Wow! What else do you see?"

The fortune teller paused and said, "I see you reading your bank statement and saying, 'I should have gone to a dentist!"

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