Funny Electric Boxing Toy

Owe you a beating, or not! These funny electric boxing toys are perfect for venting frustration and stress. It's the punchline of the boxing world! This floppy boxer has an unbeatable sense of humor. Each doll has a funny expression and charming hairstyle, as if he's molesting you. Whether it's work worries or life stress, pick up the soft boxing kid toy and feel free to unleash your inner rage in a big way. A perfect gift for your recently troubled boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or child, this funny electric boxing toy is sure to help them overcome their worries and bring joy into their lives. ● Skin-friendly plush fabric ● Size: 24*16*16 ● Weight: 250g ● Without battery
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Funny Time: I'm Already Drunk

One day a little piggy walks into a bar and sits at the bar.

The bartender looked at him and asked curiously, "This is the first time I've ever seen a little piggy walk into a bar, what can I get you?"

The piggy replied, "I'll have a vodka."

Puzzled, the bartender said, "Okay, but you need to tell me why a little piggy would want to come in here and drink vodka?"

The piggy shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh, I heard there was going to be a race tonight called 'Pig Bounce' so I came to warm up a little early."

The bartender frowned and said, "'Pig Bounce'? That sounds too dangerous! Are you sure you want to participate?"

Piggy laughed and said, "Of course, I'm a little pig after all, and I'm naturally good at rolling around in mud!"

So, Piglet downed his vodka, walked out of the bar, and headed to the 'Pig Bounce' competition.

Shortly after, the race began and Piggy jumped into the mud pool and everyone was amazed as Piggy jumped high and far! It did so well that it won the competition.

Back at the bar, Piggy sits down at the bar again. The bartender asks, "That was a fantastic performance you just did! How did you do it?"

Piggy smiles and says, "Oh, that's because I was already drunk."

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