Funny Protruding Eyes Green Bugs

Our funny protruding eyes green bugs is here to make you giggle, guffaw, and squeeze away your stress! Give this bug a gentle squeeze, and guess what? It'll shoot its googly eyes right out! That's right, these eyes aren't just for show – they're made for popping! It's like a mini eye-popping extravaganza every time you give it a little squeeze. The laughter is absolutely contagious! With its unique bug-shaped design, this squeezable sensation is not just a stress reliever; it's also a conversation starter. Bring it to your desk, keep it in your bag, or share the joy with your loved ones – this green bug is ready to bring laughter wherever it goes. ● Material: PVC ● Size: 4.4*7.5 cm ● Weight: 32g
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Funny Time: 

One day, Little Yellow was driving his truck to deliver goods to a mental hospital. Upon entering the hospital premises, he discovered that one of the tires had unexpectedly blown out. So, Little Yellow got out of the truck, preparing to change the spare tire. In the process, he accidentally dropped the four screws from the flat tire into a drain. Frustrated and unsure of what to do, he was suddenly approached by a patient from the mental hospital.

The patient chuckled at Little Yellow and said, "You can't even solve such a simple problem. No wonder you're just a truck driver." Naturally, Little Yellow gave the patient a disdainful look and asked, "Well, how would you solve it then?" The mental patient replied, "Just remove one screw from each of the remaining three tires, put them on the spare tire, and then drive slowly to the city to find an auto repair shop. Problem solved!"

Little Yellow suddenly had an epiphany and said, "If you're so clever, why are you in this mental hospital?" To which the patient responded, "I'm here because I have mental issues, not because I'm dumb!"

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Marie | 10/24/2023 1:46 AM
So funny
These are too funny. My students had a funny moment thanks for these! They're so funny to play with and watch the eyes so that alone makes them a product I'll come back and repurchase!