Cubic Yellow Face Fridge Stickers

Hey, do you want to make your refrigerator more interesting? Then take a look at our three-dimensional little yellow face refrigerator magnet stickers! These adorable little yellow face magnetic stickers can not only decorate your fridge but also bring you daily happiness. Each little yellow face has a vivid expression and three-dimensional sense, as if accompanying your refrigerator at any time so that you will be in a good mood as soon as you open the refrigerator. Get your hands on them and turn your fridge into the most interesting corner! ● Made of resin and magnet ● Optional color, style ● Diameter approximately 4.4 cm
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Cubic yellow face fridge stickers dimension Cubic yellow face fridge stickers detailCubic yellow face fridge stickersCubic yellow face fridge stickers back

Funny Time: The One Who Farted Didn't Buy a Ticket

The other day on the bus there were too many people, especially hot, especially stuffy.

I do not know who farted a fart, which is now the environment even worse.

My friend couldn't stand it and didn't know who it was, no way.

It happened that the conductor was asking: "Who didn't buy a ticket?"

My friend suddenly had a plan.

My friend suddenly had a plan, said loudly: " farting did not buy a ticket."

"Suddenly, a particularly fat woman, hand high in the air.

She said loudly: " I have already bought a ticket! I've already bought my ticket!"

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Elafrance | 11/15/2023 1:43 AM
Good fridge stickers
I have been looking for fridge magnets as they call it just for my whiteboard to hold my monthly calendars. They aren't as big as I'd hoped, but still work well and are easy to use.