Tea Filter, Funny Fart and Poo

Have you ever wished your tea could have a bit more potty humor? Well, you're in for a treat because we've got just the thing – the Poo-Tea Filter, where your tea steeps with a side of silliness! This tea infuser is shaped like a cute little butt sitting on the edge of your cup, and the poop-shaped filter dangles down into your hot water. It's a cheeky way to brew your favorite tea blends! Cleaning up after this tea filter is much easier than real bathroom duty. Just give it a rinse, and it's ready for its next bowel, uh, brew! Looking for a gift that'll have your friends, your husband or even your dad rolling on the floor laughing? Look no further! The Tea Filter is the gift that keeps on giving – both laughter and delicious tea! ● Use: Tea making ● Material: Silicone
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Funny Time: 

X went to the bird market again and found a parrot priced at 3 dollars. So, he asked the seller, "Why is this parrot so cheap?"

The seller replied, "This parrot is dumb! I've been teaching it for a long time, but all it can say is one thing - 'Who's there?'"

X thought, "Well, it's cheap anyway," and decided to buy it. When he got home that night, he thought, "I don't believe I can't teach you!" So, X spent the whole night teaching the parrot to say something else. But by morning, the parrot still only knew how to say, "Who's there?" This made Little X angry, so he locked the door and went to work. After a while, someone came to check the gas bill (let's call him Z).

Z knocked on the door, "Knock, knock..."

Parrot: "Who's there?"

Z: "Gas checker."

Parrot: "Who's there?"

Z: " Gas checker."

Parrot: "Who's there?"

Z: " Gas checker."

In the evening, when X returned home and saw someone lying on the ground in front of his house, foaming at the mouth.

X: "Hey, who is this?"

From inside the house, the parrot said, "Gas checker!"

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