Realistic Creepy Vampire Latex Mask

This is not just a chilling vampire mask, but also a one-way ticket to bizarre and eerie encounters! The eyes on this latex mask are big and round, making chameleons envious. Stare-off challenge, anyone? So, if you're looking to up your Halloween game or just want to turn an ordinary day into a sidesplitting affair, the realistic creepy vampire mask is your ultimate go-to. Get ready to suck away the seriousness from any room you enter. ● Material: Latex ● Dimension: 41x22x37cm ● Weight: 250g
SKU: F-VLM-252
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Realistic creepy mask Scary halloween face mask


Funny Time: The Competitive Brothers

The two brothers were incredibly competitive. One day, they decided to have a contest to see who could jump the highest. They both leaped into the air, and one brother jumped a bit higher than the other.

Unfazed, the other brother said, "That's nothing! I'll jump twice as high!"

So he prepared himself and jumped with all his might. To his surprise, he still couldn't surpass his brother's previous jump.

Exasperated, he asked, "How did you jump so high?"

His brother grinned, "Easy! I jumped while holding a dollar bill, and I told myself I had to grab it before coming back down!"

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