Scream Ghostface Light Up Mask

Let's imagine: you're at a Halloween party, and the lights dim. Suddenly, your light-up mask springs to life, illuminating the room like a high-tech jack-o'-lantern on steroids. It's a full-on light show extravaganza that's here to give ghosts a run for their ectoplasm. But be warned, wearing the "Scream Ghostface Light-Up Mask" might have unintended consequences. You might find yourself pursued not by terrified victims, but by enthusiastic DJs wanting to book you for their next set. Just remember to carry a spare battery, because running out of power mid-chase could turn you from a fearsome apparition to the ghost of dance parties past. So, go ahead, get your scare and your shuffle on with the mask that's taking the horror scene by storm... and strobe lights! ● Occasion: Holiday Party, Masquerade Party, Bar Atmosphere, Halloween ● Multicolour available ● Without battery ● Weight: 250g
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Illuminated ghost remote control Scream mask features

Funny Time: The Fortune Cookie

A man dined at a Chinese restaurant and received a fortune cookie at the end of his meal. He cracked it open and read the fortune: "You will become rich and famous."

Excited, he called the waiter and said, "This fortune predicts a bright future! Can I get another cookie with a different fortune?"

The waiter nodded and brought another cookie. The man cracked it open and read, "You will become rich and famous."

Perplexed, he asked for more cookies, but each one contained the same fortune. Annoyed, he called the restaurant owner over.

The owner laughed and said, "Ah, those are special cookies. They only give one fortuneβ€”'You will become rich and famous'β€”until it comes true!"

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Samantha | 10/9/2023 5:54 AM
Funny mask
I bought it for the coming Halloween. Looks awesome. Great value for a ghost face mask, my daughter is obsessed!