Funny & Nerdy Tissue Box Toy

Your hilarious emotional playmate! This adorable tissue box is the perfect companion in your life and will never let you get lonely. This funny and nerdy tissue box it's not just a tissue box, it has a funny and hilarious heart. When you want a tissue, you can pull it out of his nostrils, and when you don't need a tissue, he can be a toy that makes you laugh. ● Skin-friendly plush fabric ● Height approximately 21cm ● Weight: 150g ● Plush Category: Ultra-soft short plush
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Funny Time: You Really Should Lose Some Weight

A woman invited a Taoist priest to exorcise her evil spirits and said.

"Master, recently it is really strange, firstly, when I went up the stairs, that wooden staircase unexpectedly broke.

The most horrible thing is that when I went to bed at night, the bed collapsed, please save me!"

After hearing this, the Taoist priest took out his mahogany sword and circled around the woman three times.

Suddenly the sword pointed at the woman and bellowed, "Female monk. You really should lose weight, drink water to slim down!"

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Mona | 10/18/2023 6:12 AM
I want to make my home interesting, so I am looking for some interesting decorations, and this tissue box is a particularly interesting and practical decoration.