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Tired of the same old glasses? These funny glasses can break your imagination. This is a fun party photo prop with a creative poop shape design, very interesting and creative. You will attract people's attention. This gag gift will cheer up the festive atmosphere, with an ergonomic design, smooth surface, and comfortable to wear. You'll be sure to have everyone smiling and laughing in no time and add tremendous fun to your party! ● Material: made of quality ABS material, smooth, no burrs ● Weight: 30g ● Dimension: 16x7cm
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Funny Time: The Glasses Conundrum

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a man named Bob who had a peculiar problem. He owned a pair of glasses, but he could never find them when he needed them.

One day, Bob was out for a walk when he suddenly realized he couldn't see clearly. He searched his pockets, but no glasses. He retraced his steps, but still no luck. Frustrated, he asked a passerby, "Have you seen my glasses?"

The stranger replied, "Are they the ones on your head?"

Bob's face turned red with embarrassment as he exclaimed, "Oh, there they are! No wonder I couldn't find them!"

From that day on, Bob became known as the guy who could never "see" the obvious, and his friends couldn't help but laugh at his glasses conundrum.

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Mia | 10/16/2023 8:16 AM
I highly recommend these creative funny glasses
I bought these funny poop sunglasses as a prank gift for my friends, and they all loved them. These glasses are lightweight and very comfortable for extended wear. I really strongly recommend them.