4 Pcs Funny Pop Out Eyes Novelty Glasses

Have jaws dropping to the floor whenever your eyeballs drop! The perfect accessory for pranksters, these scary droopy eyeglasses spark shrieks and laughs alike with spring-attached eyeballs that suddenly drop. The Pop Out Eyes Novelty Glasses with unique shapewith colorful eyeball pattern, which is comfortable to wear, suitable for all kinds of people. Funny and interesting, can create a perfect party atmosphere, looking more special.. ● Include 4 pcs glasses ● Material: Plastic ● Size: 12*12.8cm ● Weight: 40g
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Pop out eyes novelty glasses size Pop out eyes novelty glasses

Funny Time: The Eye-Popping Surprise

Bob, known for his love of quirky accessories, decided to add a pair of Pop Out Eyes Novelty Glasses to his collection. These glasses had eyes on springs that popped out whenever you least expected it. Excited to unleash his new accessory on his unsuspecting friends, Bob wore them to a casual gathering.

As Bob engaged in conversation, his friends couldn't help but notice the peculiar glasses. Unaware of their hidden feature, they chuckled at the goofy eyes peering out from Bob's face. Little did they know, the real fun was about to begin.

In the middle of a story, Bob dramatically widened his eyes, causing the springs to activate, and the eyes popped out. His friends, caught off guard, burst into laughter, their amusement echoing throughout the room.

Bob, reveling in the hilarity, couldn't resist pulling the prank repeatedly. Every time he sensed a lull in the conversation, he'd strategically pop out his eyes, turning the gathering into a spontaneous comedy show.

The Pop Out Eyes Novelty Glasses became the star of the night, transforming an ordinary get-together into a laughter-filled spectacle. Bob's friends soon realized that keeping a straight face was nearly impossible whenever those goofy eyes made their surprise appearance.

As the night unfolded, Bob's Pop Out Eyes Novelty Glasses became the talk of the town, and the phrase "eye-popping surprise" took on a whole new meaning. And so, in the world of Bob and his friends, the laughter-inducing glasses proved that sometimes the best accessories are the ones that bring unexpected joy to every occasion.

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