Funny Shorts, Fake Bum Costume

Looking to up your prank game? Look no further! Our funny shorts are the perfect tool for crafting unforgettable practical jokes. The fake bum costume comes with hilariously oversized padding that not only creates the illusion of a plump posterior but also doubles as a cushion for those long nights of partying. Our fake bum costume is meticulously crafted, imbued with humor, boasting a lifelike appearance, and cloud-like softness, making you forget you're wearing fake buttocks. Perfect for costume parties, Halloween shenanigans, or just adding a dash of hilarity to everyday life, it's a must-have for any aspiring prankster. ● Occasion: Birthday Party, Costume Party, Halloween, Party ● Size: 35*30cm ● Weight: 150g
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Fake bum costume Funny short

Funny Time: The Forgetful Magician

Once upon a time, in a land where magic was as common as rain, there lived a forgetful magician named Morty. Morty was known far and wide for his incredible tricks, but there was one problem - he couldn't remember where he put his wand!

One day, Morty was scheduled to perform his famous disappearing act at the royal palace. As the audience eagerly awaited his performance, Morty realized he had left his wand at home. Panicked, he searched through his pockets, but all he found was a rubber chicken and a deck of cards.

Thinking quickly, Morty decided to improvise. He held up the rubber chicken and shouted, "Abracadabra!" To his surprise, the chicken transformed into a live rooster and flew around the room, squawking madly.

The audience erupted into laughter, and Morty, feeling emboldened, pulled out his deck of cards. With a flourish, he threw the cards into the air, yelling, "Presto!" Miraculously, the cards turned into a flock of colorful butterflies, fluttering gracefully above the heads of the astonished crowd.

In the end, Morty's forgetfulness turned out to be the best trick of all. From that day forward, he became known as the "Magician of the Unexpected," delighting audiences with his hilarious mishaps and unforgettable performances. And as for his missing wand? Well, Morty never did find it, but he didn't mind. After all, who needs a wand when you've got a rubber chicken and a deck of cards?

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Charlotte | 2/5/2024 1:44 AM
Weird Gifts for My Friend's Wedding
Hilarious! I bought some funny shorts for my friends, and at the wedding party, our friends all wanted to take photos with us because they were so cool!