2 Pcs Funny Fake Cigarettes, Novelty Tricky Toy

Thinking of buying novelty tricky toys for a party? Our fake cigarettes might be a good choice. Each pack contains two fake cigarettes, made from safe and non-toxic materials, they provide all the amusement without any of the health concerns. Crafted with attention to detail, these novelty toys mimic the appearance of real cigarettes, creating a hilarious illusion that is bound to catch everyone by surprise. Whether you're a seasoned prankster or just looking to add some laughter to your day, our funny fake cigarettes is the perfect choice. ● Material: Paper ● Funny fake cigarettes are suitable for Halloween, costume play, or daily prank toys ● Weight: 100g
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Funny Time: Smoke Signal

Once upon a time in the smoky realm of Cigarsville, two cigarettes named Winston and Marlboro decided to have a friendly race. Winston, with his classic filter, was confident in his smooth strides, while Marlboro, the rugged cowboy, believed his bold flavor would lead him to victory.

As the race began, Winston took an early lead, creating a puff of excitement among the spectators. However, Marlboro quickly caught up, leaving a trail of aromatic clouds behind him. The crowd couldn't help but cough up laughter as the cigarettes raced toward the finish line.

In the end, it was a photo finish, with Winston narrowly edging out Marlboro. The spectators erupted in cheers, and the cigarettes, slightly out of breath, realized that in Cigarsville, even the smoke signals could bring joy and laughter.

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