Nelson R.

There is a farmer who has been trying to breed his cows for a long time and he dosen't have a clue how to do it because the male never puts the move on the female. In desperation he puts a sign in his front yard that says $100 for the person who can mate my cows. A man driving on the highway sees the sugn and says, "Huh, I could use that $100. How hard could it be to breed a couple of cows?" So he pulls over and talks to the farmer. The farmer said to do whatever it takes as long as he gets them to breed. So the guy spends the day with them and then finally he gets an idea. He rubbed his hand on the female cow's pussy and then rubbed it in the male cows nose. The male cow went crazy and went over and started fucking the femail cow. The guy collected his hundred dollars from the farmer and left for home. He though about what he had done on the way home and thought that that wasn't a bad idea and that he would try that on his wife when he got home. So when he got home his wife was in bed already. He lay down and he put his hand in her pussy and reubbed it on his nose. His wife woke up and said, "Where were you?" He said, "I was helping out a farmer." She said, "Oh" and was laying down and she said, "by the way you have a bloody nose."

funniness: 5.80

rating: R