Maria T.

There were two Irish men and one Italian guy that have met at the same bar every Friday night for the past 15 years. Not once had either of the 3 men missed the Friday night out. One Friday, the two Irish men went to the bar, but couldn't find the Italian guy. They thought, "Oh something must have come up. We will see him next week." Next Friday came and the Italian guy still wasn't there. The Irish men agreed that something else must have come up and that they would definitely see him next week. The next Friday came around and the Italian guy was no where to be found. "I think we should go to the police." The first Irish man said. So the Irish men went to the police station and told the police officer behind the desk about how they meet at the bar and the Italian guy hasn't been there for 3 weeks straight. The police officer says, "Well, can you tell me what he looks like?" The first Irish man says, "Sure, he has brown hair, tan skin..." The police officer cut him off. "Yeah, but are there any traits on him that would tell him apart from anyone else?" The second Irish man thought hard and finally said, "Yeah! He has two assholes!" The police officer looks at the Irish guy. "Two assholes? How do you know that?" So the second Irish man goes, "Well, every Friday when we walk in the bar with him, everyone always says, 'Hey look it's the Italian guy with the two assholes.'"

funniness: 6.51

rating: PG