L D.

A woman walks into an ice cream parlor and asks for a chocolate ice cream cone. The clerk behind the counter apologizes and and states that they are out of chocolate and would the madam like to choose a different flavor. The woman says "Oh! in that case, I'll have chocolate. The clerk again apologizes and thinking that the woman didn't hear him, states again that they are out of chocolate. "Is there another flavor that I can get for you?", he asks. The woman says, "Well I guess I'll have chocolate." The clerk who is getting agitated says, "Look. WE ARE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!" The woman asks for chocolate again! The clerk, who is extremely pissed, tells the woman: "Spell VAN as in vanilla." The woman spells out "V-A-N." "Now," says the clerk, "spell STRAW as in strawberry." The woman spells out "S-T-R-A-W". "Ok." says the clerk, "Now spell FUCK as in Chocolate." The woman looks dumbfounded for a moment and proclaims, "Hey! Their's no 'FUCK' in 'chocolate'!" And the Clerk replies, "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

funniness: 7.61

rating: PG