Mel S.

One day, a 12 year old boy walks into a whorehouse dragging a dead frog on a string. He stomps up to the counter and says to the madam, "I wanna woman." "I'm sorry," she says, "but we don't let boys your age have a woman." The little boy slams a hundred dollar bill down on the counter and says, "I wanna woman!" So the madam asks him what kind of woman he wants. "A skanky one," he replies. "I want her to have AIDS, Syphilis, crabs, the works. I want the nastiest whore in the place." Offended, the madam says, "We don't have women like that here." So the boy slams another hundred down, and the madam points to a room down the hall and says "last door on the right." The boy walks down the hall, dragging his dead frog on a string, and goes into the room. He screws the hell out of the woman, and then leaves (still dragging his dead frog on a string). Just as he's getting ready to leave, the madam calls him over and asks why on earth he would want someone so nasty. "Well, it's like this," he says, "I'm gonna go home about seven o'clock tonight, and I'm gonna have sex with my babysitter. Then when mom and dad come home about nine o' clock, dad's gonna take the babysitter home, and he's gonna screw her. Then dad's gonna come home, and him and mom are gonna go to bed, and they'll screw. In the morning, dad will leave for work, and the milkman will stop by, and mom will have sex with him. Now here's where it all comes down you see!! I'm gonna really get him, because the milkman is the one that killed my damn frog!!"

funniness: 7.39

rating: R